Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I'm happy

There are so many things that make me happy - having Friday night dates with my hubby, being with my family, goofing around with my kids, spending "me" time, talking with friends, good news, seeing my kids happy, reading, writing, desserts, etc. etc. There are just so many to mention. Being a shallow person, simple things make me happy and gay. Last Friday, I received an email from Annalyn of Ajay's Writings on the Wall congratulating me for winning an Ayala electronic gift check (EGC) worth P3,000. I won that from joining her contest, "Share Your Bonifacio Global City story." Oh yes, that notification made me so happy!

After just a couple of days, the EGC was delivered to my office. That was fast. And that, again, made me happy...and I am thankful.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing....My Super One!

Two nights ago, I posted something on my facebook wall. This was the post - "Ronald Aguilar is my Super One because he's not only my hubby, but my one and only. Truly!" I was referring to my husband in that post. Although that post was made in response to Globe's facebook contest, it was, nevertheless, sincere and true.

Just what makes him my Super One?
I believe in my heart that God chose him to be my partner in life. We are meant for each other. My hubby knows what counts most in life - his family. He knows that his real source of power is our family. He's a tough guy outside, but he has his share of soft spots, too. He's dedicated and committed to his craft and is a loving and responsible father to our three "preciousness", our daughters.

But what makes him truly my Super One is the fact that he considers me as his "greatest adventure". I know he loves me and enjoys being with me. We are each other's BFF and that makes our relationship, our marriage, for that matter, works.

This poem dedicated to my hubby sums up why he's my Super One...

I still remember how you came to be
the right person for me.
You are an answered prayer.
God meant us to be together.

Eleven years have passed,
since the day we said, "At last!"
Before, we were just strangers,
now, we're blessed with 3 precious angels.

There were times that I wondered if I made a mistake,
afraid that my vow for you and Him, I would break.
Did I hear God say, "Yes, this man, you would marry,"
or was it, "Wait, don't be in hurry."

Oh yes, just like all marriages,
ours is not a bed of roses.
We went so much together,
braving the stormy weather.

We may be different in a lot of ways,
we have few things in common, I'm just as amazed.
But no matter how poles apart we are,
I'm convinced we are each other's star.

Dismissing any doubts that crossed my mind,
I know for certain I cannot find
someone like you,
my Babes, it's true.

And after all is said and done,
I know you are my Super One,
who I would choose as my partner
again and again 'til this life thereafter.

Well, I guess, my hubby will be thrilled when he reads about this. He better make me a poem, too. Haha! How about you, who's your Super One? Care to share? or better yet why not visit this link... and Super One page.