Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going Gaga Over Gargling

(Sing to the tune of Bad Romance)

No need to gargle all the time

Don't wanna gargle all day long


My top reasons why I need not gargle all the time/all day long

Lipstick won't look good on me.
Angry birds will have me as their new nemesis since I look more like a pig than their pig enemies.
Dating my hubby will no longer be as exciting. (I don't wanna be caught in a bad romance). Just imagine, whenever we'll go out on dates, he'll be wondering if he, indeed, made the right decision in marrying me.
You will be mocked and ridiculed by society for having a face that looks like a moving butt.

Gargling all the time / all day long is not only time-consuming but so tiring.
Addicting as it may be, this unproductive habit makes a working-mom like me less credible and more like a clown.
Gifts that I will receive every Christmas or during my birthday will most likely be related to oral hygiene or oral care. Now, that's not too exciting, isn't it?
Angelina Jolie is who I would love to look like not somebody who is suffering from incurable mumps. See picture below.

But my No. 1 reason why I do not want to gargle all the time/all day long is that I do not want to be the Lady Gaga of Gargling. And here's a good news! With Colgate Plax, I shouldn't worry about it -- of being a Lady Gaga of Gargling. Colgate Plax has 12-hour anti-bacterial protection for longer lasting fresh breath.

Find out more about what Colgate Plax can do for you by visiting Colgate Plax website and going gaga over their Gloo Gloo animation using the Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo application. You gotta try it. It's super fun to use. I actually tried it several times using a photo of each of all the members of my family. It was actually a fun way to bond with my 3 daughters. Really.

Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo animation -- my cheeks move, simulating the gargling action.


Stop Plaque with Colgate Plax

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A happy mommy's journey to snacking-healthy with Soyami

I look forward to Friday nights when I get home from work and our kids and I bond together over watching our favorite DVD movies. These movie-bonding nights are never complete without snacks. Oh yes, we love to munch on a snack. In fact in our family, snack is one important meal.

I was still single when I got hooked on potato chips and sweets. When it comes to potato chips, "the saltier, the tastier" they were to me. While on sweets, "the sweeter, the better". But I realized later on in life that such indulgence was never healthy. In fact, we all know it to be true that too much salt and sugar can be deadly.

I started looking for a healthier alternative to my "junk foods" when I became a mom with my kids sharing my fondness for having snacks. That's why, slowly I refrained from eating too salty chips and too sweet treats. I began to fill my diet with fruits and lots of veggies. I would like my 3 daughters to grow up healthy and eat healthy. Kids learn from their parents the most, right? So, I must really be a good example to my children. It has paid off. I'm happy to see them fight over a piece of apple or go crazy over bananas or be so excited to have grapes for their recess. They love salads and green, leafy vegetables, too.

Well, I used to think that all chips are junk food. But then I heard and learned about healthy snacking and healthy chips and Soyami. I got curious about Soyami Soya Chips particularly, its taste, so I bought the 3 flavors available: Original, White Cheddar, and Pizza.

I sampled the Pizza flavor first during one lunch break at my office. Lo and behold, I liked it!

Next, I introduced my newly-discovered healthy snack food, Soyami Soya Chips, to my kids. Lo and behold (again), they liked it, too! and I'm one happy mom. Yipeee!

My kids snack on Soyami during their playtime.

We just found our healthier choice to snacking! Soyami Soya Chips are made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and 0% transfat. Wow, just look at that -- 0% transfat!

It is available in 3 flavors: Original, White Cheddar, and Pizza and is out in the market already. I love the Original flavor the most. On the other hand, the White Cheddar is my kids' favorite.

One fact I learned about consuming soy during childhood is that it "has been shown to promote growth and boost bone health." In other words, my children can benefit significantly from eating Soyami. That's one great news!

Knowing about the health benefits of soy foods has convinced me to stock up on Soyami Soya Chips at home and office.

I want to keep a healthy lifestyle and live long for my children. "Soy foods, when consumed regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by improving key risk factors, such as by lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and helping to keep blood vessels flexible as we age."

So now, even in our DVD bonding time, we snack on something healthy...even if these are chips.

Join me and my family in our journey to snacking healthy with Soyami! Weeee! and

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swish to be fresh! in Malaysia and Singapore

In just the last two months I was able to travel to two Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore. It was a first time for me to visit Malaysia. My purpose of going there was to accompany my husband who would now be working in Malaysia. My trip just lasted for 6 days and in that span, we were also able to find a place to call home in Kuala Lumpur.

All I knew about Malaysia was based on the internet and some accounts from friends who had been there before. It also helped that my husband's head hunter emailed a booklet entitled "Living in Malaysia".

Prior to our departure, I spent a lot of hours daily researching about Malaysia through the internet. I searched for the must-see places/spots to visit in Malaysia. I even familiarized myself with Kuala Lumpur's street map and street names. I'm kinda O.C. when it comes to traveling. I wanted to make sure that my 6-day trip would not go to waste and would make me "experience" what Malaysia has to offer - Malaysia, Truly Asia.

When it comes to food adventures, I knew what I had to deal with -- lots of spicy stuff. But oh yes, I was game! Oh so I thought.

The first time I stepped into KL's airport, I immediately noticed how Muslim women, most especially, tourist women from Arab countries apply eye make-up that further enhances their deep set eyes. That observation prompted me to copy the way they put on eye make-up ... just so I could blend in a little.

The mosque-like structure behind me is the official house of Malaysia's Prime Minister.

When I travel, I try to learn as much about the place's culture and language. I ask a lot of questions from locals and try my best to speak their language and even copy their intonations.

Inside a Muslim mosque with my hubby.
Women need to cover their head while inside the mosque.

During my stay in Malaysia, I was also lucky to be invited to a usual Muslim family celebration of Malaysia Day. That's when I learned that Malaysians are truly simple and nationalistic. Most of them even wear their national costumes, not only during national holidays but even during simple family celebrations like birthdays.

But I believe one of the best ways to appreciate and understand the culture of a certain place is through its food.

These are just some of the food present on the table which I was able to take a photo of during their celebration of Malaysia Day.

It's their tradition to serve colored rice during holidays.

They also have itlog na maalat!

Beef Rendang - This one's HOT!

I gladly tasted everything which was put on my plate.

From mildly spicy to very spicy, I was happy to try authentic Malaysian dishes served during their feast day.

Every time we went out to eat and would get back to our hotel after, there would still be the spicy aftertaste lingering in my mouth. This was where Swish would come in. I would gargle with Swish which my hubby brought from Manila (3 different variants of 60 ml. Swish plastic bottles). Gargling with Swish would leave me with long-lasting fresh breath. Oh by the way, my hubby has sensitive teeth and gums that's why Swish is just perfect for him and yes, for me, too.

My next Asian trip took place last October 26. For a week, I, along with my 3 daughters toured Singapore where my husband was having his 3-week training. It was also a very happy reunion of sorts or get-together for all of us after a month of being away from hubby. I am grateful to experience and enjoy Singapore this time around and our kids were so happy to be with their daddy once again.

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go -- to Singapore!

Here, we also did a lot of eating. But unlike in Malaysia where we didn't know anyone, here in Singapore, we got to meet up with a lot of friends for dinner or lunch.

Dinner at Clarke Quay where seafoods abound

So happy with my crabby!

Aside from the MRT which we used a lot during our stay in Singapore, we also did a lot of walking, passing through CityLink Mall (Singapore's first underground pedestrian mall). In fact, during our adventures from one place to another, oftentimes, we didn't have the time to get back to our hotel to freshen up that's why I would always bring a big bag to carry some change of clothes for the kids, face towels, toiletries such as wipes, cologne, baby powder, alcohol and our very handy mouthwash - Swish. There's also one we leave inside our hotel room.

First time to try this world-famous Garrett

Ben & Jerry's banana split -- gone in split seconds!

Not only was our trip to Malaysia and Singapore memorable, both experiences were refreshing, revitalizing and truly enriching. Visiting these two countries has taught me to understand and respect different cultural values, not to mention, appreciate the distinct flavor and taste of their cuisine.

With all the eating and milk-tea drinking I did in Singapore & Malaysia, Swish surely helped in keeping my breath fresh all day long. All it takes is a gargle with Swish and I'm confident again.

'Til my next visit...lah.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JOHNSON'S My Kid's Growing Up So Fast Contest

My kid's growing up so fast...she wants to paint her nails pink!

As young as two, she already chooses her clothes, mixes and matches them well, and is very much aware of her style. She loves pink, Barbie, and anything pink and Barbie. She's very feminine and refined in her ways. She's been fascinated with make-up eversince I can remember. The funny thing is, I don't really wear make-up so it's really a mystery to me where she got that fascination. She wears plenty of bling-blings even when she's just going to sleep. She loves accompanying me to beauty parlors and never ever gets bored just waiting for me. She has a knack for pretty shoes, bags, pretty stuff and almost all things grown-up ladies love. She's been bugging me to have her own pink room complete with a pink bed and pink cabinets to keep and stack all her pink stuff. She wants to paint her nails pink!

That's our daughter, Noelle, who has the makings of Paris Hilton. She is changing before my eyes but her skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON’s Baby Milk Bath, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

Noelle's first trip to a salon. She was the one who chose the color pink for her nails.

One time, she went to me dancing and twirling like Angelina Ballerina. She paused and looked at me, held my face and told me with conviction, "Mom, I want to be a princess someday." I smiled and told her, "Yes baby, you will be one someday."

With that dream of hers becoming a princess comes the need to maintain a "princess-like" skin even when she's all grown-up. And this is where JOHNSON's Baby Milk Bath will prove to be instrumental in making that dream a reality.

Don't you just love those hot pink shades?

Search for Barbie's Top Model (Do take note of her bracelet which she herself improvised.)

Just chillin' inside a coffee shop. One of her fave chill-out places.

My baby is, indeed, growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a single thing about it. I will always be there for her, loving her, supporting her and cheering her on to run after her dreams....yes, even of becoming a princess... someday.

Our princess Noelle. Oh, how fast she has grown!


How would you like to win a
Gift Pack of Johnson's products? Just follow the simple steps below:

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Pls. include your Name and E-mail Address in the comments section of this blog. Comments will be valid from October 8-21, 2011. One commenter who will give the most creative title for my daughter's photo will be chosen as the winner of a Johnson's Gift Pack.


Thank you to all of you who joined in my Johnson's "My Kid's Growing Up So Fast" Photo Caption Contest. I sure had fun reading your caption entries. And also please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in announcing the winner.

Congrats to Ms. Ellen Joy Castel for giving the most creative photo caption, "Only Pink Painted Nails Suit This Pretty Princess!"

Please be informed that I also announced my winner in my Facebook page. Thank you all and congrats, again, Ellen!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting Cross-Eyed at the Sunday Family CrossOver Brunch

Where do I start? Hmmm...


I didn't know where to start. But since we had reserved seats in Basix, I started there. I got food for Noelle first and then Nala next. When they were finished, hubby took them to our hotel room where Nisi was waiting for them (Nisi was the one who took the complimentary breakfast buffet with my hubby). I rushed to the dessert spread and clicked away. They were so pretty to look at.

But I stopped when I saw my favorite shrimps.
Not only was the food overwhelming, I also got overwhelmed with the number of chefs and sous-chefs present.

I had my shrimps and mussels cooked in butter and garlic.
My shrimps were juicy and tasty. I loved it even more when I dipped them into the Japanese mirin.

Hubby got these from UMU --- the beef tenderloin was not just tender but so tender, it ought to be called sotenderloin.

If only I had some space allotted for this in my tummy, I could have finished it. I swear, it was DELICIOUS! I'm talking about Benjarong's famous Pad Thai.

It had a perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness to it. Nothing was overpowering. In fact, the tofu, beans sprouts, scrambled eggs, peanut sauce and shrimps (which I requested), perfectly blended so well that they created a richer flavor and a symphony of tastes for this Pad Thai. The noodles were properly cooked as well.

It was beautifully presented and obviously done professionally. Look at that. The serving was just too big for me. When I finally tasted it, I wanted to rush to the 2nd floor rightaway and ask the chef who made my Pad Thai for an autograph. She is remarkably good in doing what she's doing - Pad Thai. I could call her my Pad Thai Queen.

My Pad Thai Queen

I noticed just a few people at the 2nd floor (mezzanine) during the Crossover. In fact, there were just a handful of foreigners (Italians, I presume) seated inside Tosca. I felt nostalgic. I was here just last year at the Tosca kitchen to be exact.

I asked the chef to make me a Penne Pasta in Pesto sauce. Loved this too! It looked so simple to prepare. Right? But I'd just leave the cooking and preparing of pesto to the pro.

When I saw their dessert spread and the ice cream cones, I thought of my kids who I know will love these, especially them -- ice cream.

See...I knew it!
I was awed when I entered UMU. It was beautiful. The interior was tastefully and artistically done. The ambiance it creates speaks of simplicity and sophistication, yin and yang. Posted on its walls were black wooden tablets with Japanese calligraphy or writings. It is my favorite among the 4 restaurants in Dusit Thani mainly because of its interior and ambiance.

I asked one of the chefs if the lobster is included in the CrossOver Brunch.... Hehe, obviously it's not included. Ano ako swerte??? I just needed to ask that because I love lobsters, too.

Oh yes, I nearly got cross-eyed because of "kabusugan" after our CrossOver experience.

So, that was it -- our last bonding weekend in a hotel before hubby left for Malaysia and I'm glad we spent it at Dusit. We all went home happy, satisfied, relaxed and full....burp!

Ooops...somebody's crying or having tantrums?