Friday, April 30, 2010

One Fine Day, One Romantic Getaway at One Tagaytay Place

When you speak about romantic places in the Philippines, Tagaytay is sure to be in the list. What with its cool breeze for that wonderful snuggle up with your partner? I have had my romantic rendezvous here in Tagaytay with my boyfriend then, who is now my husband. There was a time after a hard week's work, we drove up to Taal Vista Hotel where we had dinner and a nightcap at a nearby coffee shop. I wish for that to happen again, now that I'm married to him.

I also recall the time when we both attended A Singles' Retreat in Canyon Woods. We were already planning to wed and start a family then. I think that was the last time I went to Tagaytay as a bachelorette.

Tagaytay has become the "it" place to be when you want to make romantic spur-of-the moment decisions or planning.

My hubby and I spend our Friday nights going out on dates. This is our sacred time with each other. Looking at the pictures posted at the website of One Tagaytay Place, I couldn't help but imagine, what if instead of just watching a movie or dining out or doing the usual stuff that we do, we hie-off to One Tagaytay Place? It's a perfect place for R&R - Romance and Recreation. Come to think of it, since we started to have kids, I have never been on a vacation with just my hubby. We would always bring our kids along every time we take a vacation.

It only takes 1 1/2 hours to reach One Tagaytay Place. It's a perfect place to celebrate a wedding anniversary. It has the perfect setting -- overlooking the majestic Taal, beneath the moonlit star-filled sky with a cool breeze brushing softly against your face. You couldn't help but feel the romance in the air. It would be nice to have a solo moment or spend a romantic get-away with my hubby after a long, long time. It would actually more than great if we could spend our 11th wedding anniversary there this coming July 10. It's about time that both of us treat ourselves to a dose of nature's finest. I know One Tagaytay Place will not disappoint.

The location of One Tagaytay Place at the heart of Tagaytay's natural beauty and oh-so cool climate makes it just the perfect place for a romantic time with my hubby. Most of their rooms have a balcony where my hubby and I can engage in some tete'-a-tete' while sipping a hot chocolate before retiring to bed. The place looks so cozy and has that homey ambience. I love its modern interiors, which very much complement its laid back atmosphere.

Amidst the busyness of most of the hotels found in the vicinity, One Tagaytay Place is a breath of fresh air. I love to breathe some fresh air...I know I need that and my hubby, too.

Click this link to find out more about One Tagaytay Place.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Fine Day, One Great Place...One Tagaytay Place

I cannot count the times that I have been to Tagaytay. My family and I used to frequent this place when I was very young - between 6-13 years old. It was our favorite vacation spot. I remember spending Holy Weeks at Sierra Grande Resort where my parents would book a villa for all of us (not sure, though, if Sierra Grande is still operational). Upon returning home, we would stop by Villa Adelaida where we would enjoy viewing the beautiful Taal volcano. Tagaytay used to be far from Manila, if you know what I mean.

When both my parents died (I was 15), we stopped going to Tagaytay. I only resumed visiting Tagaytay during my yuppie years when I and my barkada would drive to Picnic Grove during weekend nights. We would rent out a hut good for 2 hours and just chill out. We would be back in Manila in no time at all. Tagaytay seemed to be getting closer to Manila.

When I got married and had our first baby, my trips to Tagaytay had become more frequent again. Canyon Woods had become our favorite vacation spot here because of its heated pool which my eldest just loved! We were also lucky to have been invited to spend one night at our friend's unit located at Tagaytay Highlands. But, the last time I visited Tagaytay with my hubby and two kids was last 2008. Many thanks, too, to SLEX (Sta. Rosa Exit route), traveling to Tagaytay had become such a breeze.

I've been married now for 10 years and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. It is our family's adventure to check out new and exciting destinations anywhere in the country. This has always been part of our family bonding activities. That's why in spite of the fact that we have stayed in a lot of nice hotels and a few vacation units here in Tagaytay, we still love to explore other must-see-and-visit places in this cool city. It would be nice for my family of 5 (yes, with our new baby girl) to have a vacation here in Tagaytay, once again. And it would be our greatest pleasure and one of our greatest adventures to stay at a Penthouse Suite in One Tagaytay Place.

What would make me want to experience staying here with my hubby and kids? Simple. The fact that it is best known as a condotel is something unique and different. It is also fast becoming one of the top picks among the many hotels located here. One Tagaytay Place is relatively young so, that means everything here is fairly new -- from the beds down to the linens and pillows. They offer not just hotel rooms but "hotel suites". Sounds lavish! And the most exciting part is this --- bonding together at a Penthouse Suite! Wow!

As a working mom, I'm always in the lookout for "value-for-money" products and services. Here in One Tagaytay Place, I believe, you will get your money's worth.

Everything one could ever dream of in a lavish condotel is here (from what I've seen in their website). Once here, I don't think I would want to go anywhere else. I mean, we would just stay in the hotel and not go out anymore. It really looks like a perfect place to have family-bonding moments. We would definitely enjoy each other's company and enjoy our penthouse the max!

Aside from the penthouse suite, they also have 100+ amazing rooms equipped with an LCD TV with cable channels. They have a nice infinity pool with a magnificent view. Our kids will truly enjoy their kiddie pool, too.

At the end of the day when our kids are glued to the LCD TV watching their favorite DVD and my husband tinkering with his laptop (hey, it's free wifi!!), I will call in room-service and order midnight snacks.

When the kids are finally off to dreamland, I and my hubby will sneak out of our suite and have a nightcap at the Tower Lounge 2. The following morning, after having our breakfast, we will then visit their garden where we will have some sort of a "photoshoot". We will grab the opportunity to just click away and take some shots of the beautiful sceneries. I know, my husband will just as happy taking pictures, with us and the beauty of One Tagaytay Place as his subjects.

Big hotels tend to have this snobbish appeal. That's why I like the fact that One Tagaytay Place is smaller than the usual hotel. This adds to its homey ambience. In fact, its "smaller" size can make one feel more relaxed and at ease with the surroundings, right away. Just like a baby wrapped in a warm blanket-- that's how I see it.

Another plus factor about One Tagaytay Place is that it is managed by The Genesis Group (the group managing A-Venue and Astoria Plaza). With its reputable name, we can be sure that One Tagaytay Place will deliver what it promises.

All-in-one place, everything in place -- that's One Tagaytay Place for you...and yes, for me and my family.

If you want to check out what I've been talking about, click this link.

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

Barrio Sungay, Tagaytay City

Manila Sales Office: (+632) 818 8318

Fax Number: (+632) 818 8319


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excited to be 5'2" last!

Recently while at work, I received an email notification from informing me that I have been chosen as one of the winners of the Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo. Now, I had long been waiting for the announcement of the winner in their website but as days and weeks passed, my hopes of bagging the Php4,000 gift certificate were slowly diminishing. There were 150 plus entries submitted and they were good. After reading the email notification, which clearly says that I've been chosen as "one of the winners", I told myself maybe they chose 4 winners since the prize was P4,000 GC with each one getting GC/s worth P1,000. I was cool with that.

When we got home from the office, I checked out Femalenetwork's site and what I saw from their promo page made my heart sing. It says. "It was a tough call, but we finally selected a single winner to receive the P4,000 Solea gift certificate". Oh wow, I was the sole winner!!! I couldn't believe it! Thank you, God, once again, for this wonderful bonus!

Now, all I have to do is shop without shelling out a single centavo. Presently, I have in my possession shopping gift certificates --- P4,000 from Bayo, P2,000 Electronic GC from Ayala Malls, P500 from Crossings Dept. Store; one GC from Urban Time for a Marie Claire watch; (receivables) P1,000 EGC from Ayala Malls and this P4,000 from Solea.

I'm posting here my answer to the promo question and the link to announcing that I won Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo

Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo Winner
It was a tough call, but we finally selected a single winner to receive the P4,000 Solea gift certificate. Was it you?

After carefully sorting through the overwhelming comments in response to Solea's If the Shoe Fits promo, we've narrowed down the field to a single winner. This lady best justified why she and the shoes were a perfect fit--and believe us, it was a close call!

The lucky winner is Vivian Aguilar, who said:

"Five reasons why this pair is perfect for me:
1) The main color, which is red, matches my personality. Red signifies fire and passion and I’m one passionate soul!

2) Tall girls don’t need to wear heels. Unfortunately, I belong to the category of vertically-challenged individuals. I haven’t worn heels as towering as those and I’m already nearing middle age (I’m 41yo). With this pair from Solea I get to be 5’2” in height... for the first time.

3) I want to look and feel glamorous and sexy. Wearing this would make me appear tall, lean and sexy. Eat your heart out Giselle Bunchen!

4) I’ll make my daughter happy. My 3-year old daughter loves shoes with heels. She calls these shoes “tip-toe” shoes. She often gets a kick out of seeing me wear high-heeled shoes. So, I know she’ll be elated and ecstatic once she sees me wearing this exclusive Solea pair.

5) I already have the perfect occasion in mind where I could wear them. I just happen to have a pretty dress that I could match with this pair of shoes and I’m planning to wear them on my daughters’ joint birthday celebration this June."

We hope Vivian stands tall in her new tip-toe shoes from Solea!

There were so many great answers that we wanted to give away more prizes--so don't worry, because we'll keep fun promos like this coming. We especially loved reading your responses, and we'd like to say to all of you who joined: "Good job, girls!"

Yes, yes, yo... As of this writing, I haven't claimed my GCs yet. I'm so excited to be 5'2"... at last.

A lot like Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl !!

There was this question from an online contest by that I had fun answering and pondering about. The question was, "If you were to compare you and your significant other to partnered cartoon characters (e.g. Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Tom and Jerry, etc.) what would you be and why?”

Here's my winning answer:

If I were to compare myself and my hubby to partnered cartoon characters, without batting an eyelash, he would have to be Mr. Incredible and I would have to be Elastigirl (a.k.a. Bob & Helen Parr).

Elastigirl and I have a lot of things in common, and these are: [being] a loving mother of 3; [being] a dedicated wife; often takes a "supermom" role; and will do everything just to hold our family together. I may not have the the physical ability to extend my limbs, muscles, or entire body to great lengths just like Elastigirl, but emotionally, I have learned to stretch my patience for the longest mile that I could for my family.
Elastigirl is a lot of things to her family: she could turn herself into a parachute, a boat, etc., while I could be a cook, a teacher, a doctor, a performer, and a lot more to my family.

Just like Mr. Incredible, my hubby knows what counts most in life - his family. He knows that his real source of power is our family. He's a tough guy outside, but he has his share of soft spots, too. He's dedicated and committed to his craft and is a responsible father to our children. But what makes him truly a Mr. Incredible is the fact that he considers me as his "greatest adventure".

For being chosen as the winner, I got a 50 ml. limited edition DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance. Here's also the link to that contest where my answer was posted.

Congratulations to divine_viva for winning the DKNY promo!

In the comfort of a good book

I have posted here the essay and the link to the essay I wrote about a book, A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters. I wrote it last year as an entry to National Bookstore's 2009 My Favorite Book Contest. My entry entitled "In the comfort of a good book" was chosen as one of the weekly winners. That was last November 1, 2009.

In the comfort of a good book

For so long, I contented myself with just leafing or browsing through the pages of magazines on housekeeping, parenting and home design. A few months back, I was able to finish a book I fell in love with at first sight. From the moment I laid eyes on the cover, I did not let go of it. A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters by Colleen Sell compiles real-life stories of mothers and daughters and the special bond that exists between them.

This book kept me company while I was on hiatus for seven months. Never had I been so engrossed in reading a book than when I was reading this. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was carrying my third daughter when I read it. My delicate condition left me so helpless and with nothing to do other than to rest in bed for the whole duration of my pregnancy due to my history of premature deliveries.

What I really like about A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters is that every story is so real. I found myself relating to each experience narrated in the book. It was as if I had written them myself. Every story in the book poignantly struck a chord in me. Some stories made me laugh while some left a tear in my eye. In this book, Colleen Sell compiled and edited the 49 stories written by mothers about their daughters and daughters about their mothers. What is so great about the book is that I recognized myself in most of its pages…both as a mother and daughter.

A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Daughters offers comfort to daughters who, like me, are longing for their mothers. But the book offers so much more than comfort. In its entirety, it reminds me that my own daughters need me so much to be that person they can draw strength and inspiration from.

I am a mother to three daughters — ages 9, 3 and 1 month. My first two were born prematurely at eight months and both weighing a pound or two shy of five. I guess you could say that I was not fortunate to bond with them right away since their immediate place after delivery was the neonatal intensive care unit. It was inside an incubator that they spent the first month of their lives with a dextrose tube attached to their tiny bodies. My only connection with them was through the bottles of breast milk I would deliver to them personally on a daily basis. My youngest, whom I delivered just a month ago, is quite lucky to have been born at 35 weeks (still short of the 38-week requirement for it to be considered a full-term delivery). My youngest baby and I were discharged from the hospital on the same day. That was a first-time experience for me.

As important as my being a mom now is, I was once a daughter, too. I lost my mother when I was 15, the time when I was starting to explore life’s adventures and misadventures. Those 15 years I had with my mother were short but nonetheless sweet. I miss her so much. It makes me think that it’s probably my inner longing for a mother’s love and affection at this point in my life that I found the book so appealing.

There are many stories here that I felt a very close connection with and they remind me of myself, my own mother and my daughters. It is hard to pick a favorite story in the book because they all have made an impact in my life, one way or the other.

But here are a few that I would like to mention:

“To Love a Stranger” by Sande Smith is a heart-warming story about a daughter who is now playing the role of the mother as she nurses her mother through Alzheimer’s disease.

Nancy Massand’s “Time Out” tells us, through the wisdom of a little girl, to simply enjoy life to the fullest with those people that matter most to us. It reminds us to slow down and smell the roses with those we love.

Sylvia E. McDonald’s “What I Wanted to Tell Her” tells a soon-to-be-mother what she would be up for when she finally gives birth to her daughter.

“The Power of a Mother’s Love” by Richelle Putnam is a touching story about a mother and her teen-age daughter who are at odds and soon find themselves reunited with one another.

These following lines either made me laugh or cry:

My knowledge of my mother is in my very skin, as is her knowledge of me.” (“To Love a Stanger”)

“That is the real miracle: the way a mother’s love is rediscovered, repeated, passed on again and again. It is a gift in itself.” (“Dear Mom”)

“Mothers never leave their daughters. They are woven together, heart to heart, soul to soul.” (“The Inheritance”)

“Kids have the secret to life. I watch the hamsters, but I’m thinking of all the other things I should be doing. To a kid, that hamster is the only thing in the world.” (“Lessons from a Four-Year-Old”)

“My mother believes in me. Whether I succeed or fail.” (“My Funny Mother”)

As I look into the eyes of my three angels, I thank God for bringing them into my life. With my nine-year old, I am just now beginning to enter into a new phase of my relationship with her. She is growing up fast and becoming an adult and that scares me. With my little girl, I am a completely different person — playful, active, and animated just like her. And with my new baby, I am as delicate and gentle as can be.

I realize that my relationship with each one of them is just like what the book depicts — it goes through a lot of changes, just as all things do, but it essays one common truth: the relationship between a mother and daughter is unbreakable and unlike any other.