Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excited to be 5'2" last!

Recently while at work, I received an email notification from informing me that I have been chosen as one of the winners of the Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo. Now, I had long been waiting for the announcement of the winner in their website but as days and weeks passed, my hopes of bagging the Php4,000 gift certificate were slowly diminishing. There were 150 plus entries submitted and they were good. After reading the email notification, which clearly says that I've been chosen as "one of the winners", I told myself maybe they chose 4 winners since the prize was P4,000 GC with each one getting GC/s worth P1,000. I was cool with that.

When we got home from the office, I checked out Femalenetwork's site and what I saw from their promo page made my heart sing. It says. "It was a tough call, but we finally selected a single winner to receive the P4,000 Solea gift certificate". Oh wow, I was the sole winner!!! I couldn't believe it! Thank you, God, once again, for this wonderful bonus!

Now, all I have to do is shop without shelling out a single centavo. Presently, I have in my possession shopping gift certificates --- P4,000 from Bayo, P2,000 Electronic GC from Ayala Malls, P500 from Crossings Dept. Store; one GC from Urban Time for a Marie Claire watch; (receivables) P1,000 EGC from Ayala Malls and this P4,000 from Solea.

I'm posting here my answer to the promo question and the link to announcing that I won Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo

Solea's If the Shoe Fits Promo Winner
It was a tough call, but we finally selected a single winner to receive the P4,000 Solea gift certificate. Was it you?

After carefully sorting through the overwhelming comments in response to Solea's If the Shoe Fits promo, we've narrowed down the field to a single winner. This lady best justified why she and the shoes were a perfect fit--and believe us, it was a close call!

The lucky winner is Vivian Aguilar, who said:

"Five reasons why this pair is perfect for me:
1) The main color, which is red, matches my personality. Red signifies fire and passion and I’m one passionate soul!

2) Tall girls don’t need to wear heels. Unfortunately, I belong to the category of vertically-challenged individuals. I haven’t worn heels as towering as those and I’m already nearing middle age (I’m 41yo). With this pair from Solea I get to be 5’2” in height... for the first time.

3) I want to look and feel glamorous and sexy. Wearing this would make me appear tall, lean and sexy. Eat your heart out Giselle Bunchen!

4) I’ll make my daughter happy. My 3-year old daughter loves shoes with heels. She calls these shoes “tip-toe” shoes. She often gets a kick out of seeing me wear high-heeled shoes. So, I know she’ll be elated and ecstatic once she sees me wearing this exclusive Solea pair.

5) I already have the perfect occasion in mind where I could wear them. I just happen to have a pretty dress that I could match with this pair of shoes and I’m planning to wear them on my daughters’ joint birthday celebration this June."

We hope Vivian stands tall in her new tip-toe shoes from Solea!

There were so many great answers that we wanted to give away more prizes--so don't worry, because we'll keep fun promos like this coming. We especially loved reading your responses, and we'd like to say to all of you who joined: "Good job, girls!"

Yes, yes, yo... As of this writing, I haven't claimed my GCs yet. I'm so excited to be 5'2"... at last.

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