Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pinay WAHM's Awesome Birthday Giveaway!

I'm cramming. I have been meaning to join Pinay WAHM's $800 Birthday Giveaway since last month but it's only now that I have gotten around into blogging about it which is a requirement before I could be included in the raffle. I'm beating the deadline which is tomorrow, July 31, 2011. So for all of you out there who are contest freaks, like me, you still have time to join.

Awesome prize
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Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It All Makes Sense - OTTO Waterless Urinal

I always remind my daughters not to touch anything when they are inside a public comfort room. It has become a habit for my 5-year old to ask me, "Mom, don't touch anything, right?", upon entering a public toilet. I take care of the flushing and all the other things that involve touching something.

She, too, can easily blurt out some pretty nasty remarks when the comfort room is dirty or stinks. Adults, like us, can keep those comments to ourselves but not for an opinionated kid like her.

Comfort rooms play a big role in our lives, most especially the urinals. Imagine having no urinal at home, what will happen to us?

When it's time to relieve ourselves, we can just dig a hole in our backyard and do what it is we have to do.

Having clean, sanitary and good-smelling comfort rooms creates a lasting impression. It impresses even more if it is environment-friendly with zero-water consumption urinals. Yes, you read it right, a zero-water consumption urinal that can save us as much as 45,000 gallons of water in a year. This is what OTTO Waterless Urinal is all about and this is why it is special.

Water Conservation and Cost-Savings

The chief benefit of OTTO Waterless Urinals is their lack of water use. No water piping is connected to the unit, which keeps down installation and maintenance costs, as well as water and sewer bills. And with no water required, flush controls, sensors to adjust flow, battery replacement and other maintenance, such as repairing leaks, also go away.

It could save on average 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water a year. This means that 22 OTTO Waterless Urinals can save up to 1,000,000 gallons of water per year. BINGO!

Great job, Mr. Jerry Ong! Mr. Jerry Ong is the Filipino inventor who designed OTTO Waterless Urinal.

Improves Restroom Hygiene

Studies have shown that urine itself is normally sterile, 0% bacterial, unless one has a kidney infection. Fecal matter is 95% bacterial, and may include pathogens.

Microbes, bacteria and viruses thrive in moisture, but they die when dried. There are surface areas in water flush urinals that are constantly damp and where bacterial growths appear. Germs tend to multiply in damp or wet conditions but die in dry conditions. Also, flushing turbulence created by water-using units creates an invisible mist of germs that can become airborne. These growth colonies are additionally seeded by fecal material carried in air-borne droplets and aerosols that were produced by the turbulence in flushing the restroom's toilets. When the restroom urinals are themselves flushed, they in turn create aerosols containing the new-growth bacteria, and inject still more microbes into the rest room atmosphere.

So, in other words installing OTTO Waterless Urinals lessen rest room visitor exposures to airborne bacteria. And because these units are "flushless" and "touchless", they tend to be more sanitary than traditional units. The absence of water virtually eliminates the media that many bacteria require to survive.

AHA! They're not only earth-friendly, these urinals are more hygienic which means even more savings.

It All Makes Sense. The simplicity of its technology is what convinces. It's really the simple matters which make a lot of sense, right?

You may check Arrow Home Improvement's website at to know more about its Re-usable Cartridge Technology.

Facebook Fan Page link:​OTTO-Waterless-Urinal-by-Arrow​-Home-Improvement/118377984916​639

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It's all about The Voice!

When I received an invite to a screening of AXN’s The Voice last week, the first thing that came to my mind was Ursula. Remember her? - the octopus nemesis of Ariel and the main villain of The Little Mermaid? Ursula demanded Ariel's voice in exchange for granting Ariel's wish to have legs. “Ahh-haa-haaa, ahh-haa-haaa…”

Really, the story of The Little Mermaid centered on Ariel’s voice and how her lovely voice brought her to the man of her dreams.

AXN’s The Voice also centers on, you guessed it...the VOICE. It is a different kind of singing competition with an innovative format like no other. Here, the contestants are judged solely on their vocal talent. Looks and sad stories have no bearing in this show.

“Hosted by Carson Daly, The Voice celebrity judges - Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, rapper-crooner Cee Lo Green, R&B diva Christina Aguilera and country singer Blake Shelton who have sold more than 70 million albums combined – are also fronting the show as coaches. They must each pick a team of eight singers from the blind auditions (where if more than one coach spins around, the contestant gets to pick) and personally mentor each of them, before whittling the 32 singers down to 16 for the battle rounds. Each coach has a high stake in the game, with bragging rights accorded to whoever has the overall winner in their team. The battle rounds is also when voting opens up to the viewers, where each iTunes purchase counts as a vote for the contestant. The emerging victor receives US$100,000 and a record deal.”

Adam Levine

Words cannot justify the excitement I felt when I watched the first episode during the screening. It will make you stop whatever you’re doing when you watch it. I couldn’t eat while I was watching it because I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. More than listening to those great voices from the blind audition, I wanted to see who among the celebrity judges would turn his/her seat around first and the reaction of the judges upon seeing the contestant. There’s this suspense factor not just for the viewers but also for the judges themselves.

I love the concept, the format, and the idea of the show. It is really different from all the other singing competitions I know. It was mind-blowing.

This will surely be a hit. Thank you AXN for bringing it here.

AXN Hits The High Note With The Voice

Hottest New Show in the US set for Asian premiere this August--

Singapore, 13 July 2011 – Her voice soared tremulously as she sang, her eyes fixated on the back of four big swiveling chairs, willing the judges to hit the red button and turn, just so she can get a coveted spot on the show. Such is the innovative format of The Voice where contestants are judged solely on their vocal talent, coming first and exclusively to AXN this August.

The Voice has proven itself to be more than a gimmick, as the only new show this season on a major US broadcast network whose ratings rose 10% for its second episode, as compared to its premiere episode which drew in 11.8 million viewers, a big draw especially for the younger 18-34 demographic. As the Los Angeles Times summed it up, “what makes The Voice worth watching, in addition to the clever conceit, is the chemistry among the judges, and the stories.” Indeed, no reality show can ask for a more entertaining bunch of judges than the four, who bounced banter off one another and elicited chuckles with their antics in wooing each contestant to join their team. Aguilera, for one, flirted blatantly with a good-looking male contestant by asking him to first take off his hat, then his pants.

What also sets The Voice apart from other singing competition reality shows is the level of genuine involvement the coaches have with their team members, pushing them on to realize their best potential. The contestants get to learn from their mentor’s showbiz experience and even get the rare chance to perform together as equals on stage! As Aguilera explained at The Voice’s press conference in Los Angeles recently, “There is no good and bad. This isn’t about tearing people down. I want to bring these people up. The Voice really does stand for what it says.”

From ages 16 to 42, the contestants are an incredible mix in their musical styles and ethnicities – expect a blues-rock chick in her forties with a shaved head and neck tattoos, an African American raised by white Mormon parents and topped with a striking Afro, to a controversial former Idol contestant and even a folksy duo, a married couple who auditioned for the show as a team!

Episode one opened with a rousing group performance of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy by all four coaches, certainly a sign of more such fan treats to come. Also to look out for in the show are Cee Lo’s elaborate costume getups (think red robes with spiked shoulder pads!), the chemistry between the coaches and contestants, as well as the friendly, sizzling competition especially between Aguilera and Levine in the blind auditions. Sunday nights will never be lacklustre again, when AXN kickstarts its two-hour broadcast of The Voice this August! Sit back, relax and like the judges, listen with your very own ears. We guarantee that the amazing calibre of contestants in The Voice will blow you away!


The Voice premieres on 21 August 2011 (Two Hours Weekly): Every Sunday at 8pm (SG, MY, HK) 7pm (JKT)

First and Exclusively on AXN

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Tender Juicy Moment with Juday & Ryan

Last July 2, a fellow blogger, Janese Halabaso, invited me to a presscon of Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog. Upon learning of the invitation, I wondered, "What is the presscon for?" I mean, who doesn't know Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, right? So, I asked some more and that's when I found out that it was a presscon for the new ad of Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog starring no other than Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and their daughter, Yohan. I got excited and accepted the invite. I want to see Juday and Ryan together in person. They are my second admired couple in showbiz.

With my fellow bloggers (from left-right):
Ruth dela Cruz, Rowena Iguis, Janese Halabaso

The new Purefoods TJ hotdog campaign

I have yet to see their commercial which has already been aired on TV according to Purefoods TJ Hotdog Brand Manager, Ms. Hasmine Huang. It was only during the event itself held at 55 Events Place in Tomas Morato that I got to see the latest campaign ad where Juday, Ryan and Yohan are shown having fun while wearing fashion outfits from the 80's, 90's and 2000, while enjoying their favorite hotdog.

With the pretty brand manager of Purefoods TJ hotdog, Ms. Hasmine Huang.

The thematic campaign communicates the heritage of Purefoods TJ hotdog - then, now and forever. A lot of us, grown ups, can relate to the new campaign because it embodies the brand's heritage message of passing on our love for TJ hotdog to our children. Just like Ryan and Judai who loved TJ hotdog as kids and even now as adults. "Eating TJ hotdogs really brings back the kid in you," declares Ms. Huang. Oh yes, I agree.

When asked what made them say yes in endorsing the product, especially since this is their first endorsement as a family, Ryan and Judai both said that TJ Hotdogs are part of their growing up years. For Ryan, it is a no-brainer in accepting the endorsement since they have been loyal patrons of TJ hotdogs. The only thing they asked was "When will they start shooting the commercial?"

During her growing up years, Judai admitted that she also tried several brands and even brandless hotdogs from the wet market but Prefoods TJ hotdogs proved to be the best to her taste. In fact, Purefoods TJ hotdogs then were reserved only for special occasions.

My personal experience
As a mom, I also tried several hotdog brands especially the less expensive brands. I was okay with another brand since it was cheaper but my kids and my hubby were not satisfied with its taste. So, in other words, wala akong kakampi sa hotdog brand na 'yun.

My kids and hubby really can tell...the difference.

A scoop not really related to TJ hotdogs
I got to ask Juday one question not related to hotdogs. It was my first time to ask a question to a celebrity and Juday pa at that!

I was just curious with how she lost weight, and if she's on a particular diet program, so I asked her that. She gladly answered quite lengthily (I love her na talaga) explaining that nothing is really easy when it comes to losing weight that's why discipline is most important. She then mentioned that she's currently into The Cohen Diet and that this program works for her. Oh yes, I heard about this diet a few weeks ago during our highschool reunion, hahaha!

The boy who rendered a song during the presscon

Not only did he sang beautifully, he is also beautiful (errr good-looking). He is Gerald Santos, not related to Judy Ann.

Thanks to my hubby for the photos. He acted as my official photographer during the event.

Weekend at the Holiday Inn Galleria

After our Crowne Plaza experience, I didn't pass up the chance to book another overnight-stay deal courtesy of Deal Grocer again and located at Galleria again. It was at that next-door hotel (from Crowne Plaza) --- Holiday Inn Galleria.

Our room here was bigger. In fact, it even had a separate receiving room. The beds were smaller, though than those of Crowne Plaza's.

I brought some of their Barbie dolls and toys. Noelle and Nala had fun playing with their toys in the receiving room complete with a 2-seater sofa, a round table and a working area.

Lunch was at the Giligan's located at Galleria's Veranda. I wasn't able to take pictures of our food because I was already hungry.

Dessert at Dairy Queen
Bonding at the mall
Pictorial inside our hotel room.
Dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen. Sleeping time
I remember it to be a gloomy weekend when we checked in here, but that didn't change the fact that we enjoyed our stay here at the Holiday Inn Galleria. 'Til next time.

a birthday treat for Noelle & Nala at the Crowne Plaza

To tell you honestly, of all the hotels we stayed in, it was in Crowne Plaza Galleria where I experienced the fastest "check-in" in my life. And to think that our overnight stay was courtesy of a deal site wherein I bought a 50% off voucher from Deal Grocer. I just presented the printed voucher and after just a few seconds of verifying from their computer, I was given the card keys to our room. And to think that it was just 12 noon, 2 hours before our actual check in at 2pm. There were people checking in at that time and I even lined up but I dunno, everything was just fast and efficient.

We really like our hotel room. It was so spacious. It has 2 double beds and a recliner. It also has a nice and big computer desk/working area just in front of the beds. The furnishings are simple yet very modern.

After our usual photo ops at the hotel room, our kids got excited to roam around Galleria. Our first stop was at the food court where I just had pasta from Ravioli, while my husband and Nisi had sisig, and Noelle and Nala had McDo meals. Then we proceeded to Toys R Us.

Noelle chose a Barbie doll and Nala was just happy playing with all the toys around.

A Barbie doll for me!

Wow! Lots of Barbie dolls!

I like this!

And this!

Ate Nisi happily chose a set of Garden Tools as her gift to the two of them. Awww, that was so sweet of Ate Nisi. We went back to our room where they spent hours playing with their new toys.

Then, we went malling again. Guess who we bumped into? Marc and Rovilson!!!

Oh my, they're so handsome!

Pero pinakahandsome yung nasa gitna!

Dinner at TGIFidays! Nala was sleeping at this time. She was sleeping on her stroller.

We even went to a book signing after dinner.

We left our daughters at the first floor where they enjoyed browsing over some books.

That's Nisi in the middle, reading a book.

Can you find Nala? She's that little girl behind Nisi.

Noelle, walking back and forth at the kids' section while Nala was seated on the floor with a playmate.

Before heading back to our room, we had snack at Cerealicious Cafe.

Candle-blowing time! I bought a cake at the hotel cafe lobby at 50% off.

Noelle and Nala took turns in blowing their candles.

4 candles for Noelle

2 candles for Nala

The following day, just before checking out of the hotel, our daughters spent some time playing at the hotel's mini playground set-up. By the way, hubby and Nisi were the ones who took the complimentary breakfast since I wasn't up at that time yet.

I also requested for a late check out (at 2pm or was that 3pm? Can't remember anymore) and immediately, my request was granted. Again, that was fast! Check out was also a breeze.

We even had coffee before heading out of the mall. Hehehe.

We truly enjoyed our stay at the Crowne Plaza. It was our first time there and I was impressed by the hotel's efficient service. The location is perfect. Even if the pool area isn't that inviting, there's so much to do here since it's located at a mall where you can shop or window shop or do some restaurant-hopping or even have your hair cut or nails done or enjoy watching a movie. Plenty of things to do talaga... that is if you don't want to stay put inside your hotel room.

We look forward to spending a weekend here again with my family. And I hope Deal Grocer will come up with another deal just like this.