Saturday, July 9, 2011

a birthday treat for Noelle & Nala at the Crowne Plaza

To tell you honestly, of all the hotels we stayed in, it was in Crowne Plaza Galleria where I experienced the fastest "check-in" in my life. And to think that our overnight stay was courtesy of a deal site wherein I bought a 50% off voucher from Deal Grocer. I just presented the printed voucher and after just a few seconds of verifying from their computer, I was given the card keys to our room. And to think that it was just 12 noon, 2 hours before our actual check in at 2pm. There were people checking in at that time and I even lined up but I dunno, everything was just fast and efficient.

We really like our hotel room. It was so spacious. It has 2 double beds and a recliner. It also has a nice and big computer desk/working area just in front of the beds. The furnishings are simple yet very modern.

After our usual photo ops at the hotel room, our kids got excited to roam around Galleria. Our first stop was at the food court where I just had pasta from Ravioli, while my husband and Nisi had sisig, and Noelle and Nala had McDo meals. Then we proceeded to Toys R Us.

Noelle chose a Barbie doll and Nala was just happy playing with all the toys around.

A Barbie doll for me!

Wow! Lots of Barbie dolls!

I like this!

And this!

Ate Nisi happily chose a set of Garden Tools as her gift to the two of them. Awww, that was so sweet of Ate Nisi. We went back to our room where they spent hours playing with their new toys.

Then, we went malling again. Guess who we bumped into? Marc and Rovilson!!!

Oh my, they're so handsome!

Pero pinakahandsome yung nasa gitna!

Dinner at TGIFidays! Nala was sleeping at this time. She was sleeping on her stroller.

We even went to a book signing after dinner.

We left our daughters at the first floor where they enjoyed browsing over some books.

That's Nisi in the middle, reading a book.

Can you find Nala? She's that little girl behind Nisi.

Noelle, walking back and forth at the kids' section while Nala was seated on the floor with a playmate.

Before heading back to our room, we had snack at Cerealicious Cafe.

Candle-blowing time! I bought a cake at the hotel cafe lobby at 50% off.

Noelle and Nala took turns in blowing their candles.

4 candles for Noelle

2 candles for Nala

The following day, just before checking out of the hotel, our daughters spent some time playing at the hotel's mini playground set-up. By the way, hubby and Nisi were the ones who took the complimentary breakfast since I wasn't up at that time yet.

I also requested for a late check out (at 2pm or was that 3pm? Can't remember anymore) and immediately, my request was granted. Again, that was fast! Check out was also a breeze.

We even had coffee before heading out of the mall. Hehehe.

We truly enjoyed our stay at the Crowne Plaza. It was our first time there and I was impressed by the hotel's efficient service. The location is perfect. Even if the pool area isn't that inviting, there's so much to do here since it's located at a mall where you can shop or window shop or do some restaurant-hopping or even have your hair cut or nails done or enjoy watching a movie. Plenty of things to do talaga... that is if you don't want to stay put inside your hotel room.

We look forward to spending a weekend here again with my family. And I hope Deal Grocer will come up with another deal just like this.

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