Thursday, July 28, 2011

It All Makes Sense - OTTO Waterless Urinal

I always remind my daughters not to touch anything when they are inside a public comfort room. It has become a habit for my 5-year old to ask me, "Mom, don't touch anything, right?", upon entering a public toilet. I take care of the flushing and all the other things that involve touching something.

She, too, can easily blurt out some pretty nasty remarks when the comfort room is dirty or stinks. Adults, like us, can keep those comments to ourselves but not for an opinionated kid like her.

Comfort rooms play a big role in our lives, most especially the urinals. Imagine having no urinal at home, what will happen to us?

When it's time to relieve ourselves, we can just dig a hole in our backyard and do what it is we have to do.

Having clean, sanitary and good-smelling comfort rooms creates a lasting impression. It impresses even more if it is environment-friendly with zero-water consumption urinals. Yes, you read it right, a zero-water consumption urinal that can save us as much as 45,000 gallons of water in a year. This is what OTTO Waterless Urinal is all about and this is why it is special.

Water Conservation and Cost-Savings

The chief benefit of OTTO Waterless Urinals is their lack of water use. No water piping is connected to the unit, which keeps down installation and maintenance costs, as well as water and sewer bills. And with no water required, flush controls, sensors to adjust flow, battery replacement and other maintenance, such as repairing leaks, also go away.

It could save on average 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water a year. This means that 22 OTTO Waterless Urinals can save up to 1,000,000 gallons of water per year. BINGO!

Great job, Mr. Jerry Ong! Mr. Jerry Ong is the Filipino inventor who designed OTTO Waterless Urinal.

Improves Restroom Hygiene

Studies have shown that urine itself is normally sterile, 0% bacterial, unless one has a kidney infection. Fecal matter is 95% bacterial, and may include pathogens.

Microbes, bacteria and viruses thrive in moisture, but they die when dried. There are surface areas in water flush urinals that are constantly damp and where bacterial growths appear. Germs tend to multiply in damp or wet conditions but die in dry conditions. Also, flushing turbulence created by water-using units creates an invisible mist of germs that can become airborne. These growth colonies are additionally seeded by fecal material carried in air-borne droplets and aerosols that were produced by the turbulence in flushing the restroom's toilets. When the restroom urinals are themselves flushed, they in turn create aerosols containing the new-growth bacteria, and inject still more microbes into the rest room atmosphere.

So, in other words installing OTTO Waterless Urinals lessen rest room visitor exposures to airborne bacteria. And because these units are "flushless" and "touchless", they tend to be more sanitary than traditional units. The absence of water virtually eliminates the media that many bacteria require to survive.

AHA! They're not only earth-friendly, these urinals are more hygienic which means even more savings.

It All Makes Sense. The simplicity of its technology is what convinces. It's really the simple matters which make a lot of sense, right?

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