Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ahead of the Pack

I was No. 1! Just because I'm really such a mom, I had to wake up very early on an official holiday-Monday morning (June 20) to take part in Shopwise's Sunrise Sale. Diba moms love bargains and when we read the word "SALE", our hearts stop beating for a while? I'm like that.

It was last January when my hubby and I first experienced Shopwise's Sunrise Sale. We went there for two consecutive days - on a Saturday for the 50% off on all seafood items and on a Sunday for the 50% of on all meat items. For one month, our refrigerator freezer was jampacked. In fact, there was no room anymore for the crabs and the prawns I bought that I had to be content placing them beside my water bottles inside the ref. Taking part in this event saved me at least Php5,000 worth of meat and seafood items, not to mention some palengke and grocery trips.

This time, I found out all about the part 2 (for this year) a bit late. For that, I missed the meat sale. But the good thing was that I was still able to go to the seafood items and fruits sale. And I was even ahead of all the people who were there earlier than me. That's because I ran faster than everyone else who were mostly "lolas" naman eh (hehe). I told my hubby and my mom-in-law who were with me to take care of getting us push carts while I go straight to the seafood section.

When I got there, I was welcomed with an applause. Then, I was given the number 1 tag and an assistant who would help me with my seafood item needs or purchases.

It was more orderly the 2nd time around.

After I was done with my seafood purchases, we went to the fruits section and we got to bring home lots of fruits like, apples, oranges, grapes, pomelo, melon, and watermelon for 50% off. I love this Sunrise Sale so much!

At home, my hubby was so excited to arrange all the seafood we bought in our freezer.

We're very happy with all our purchases, most especially, the prawns and shrimps. Too bad, there were no crabs for sale this time.

Prawns I bought from the Shopwise Sunrise Sale.
My hubby cooked was simply delicious! I swear, para itong inorder sa mamahaling resto.

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