Thursday, May 22, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever

As we grow older, our ideals when it comes to true friendship evolve. When I was young, my idea of a best friend is that "there could only be one" among my many friends that's why you call that friend the best.  I was so "by the book". Blame it on the comparative degree of nouns I was taught during grade school -- Good, Better, Best.  
I still remember the names of my 3 best friends -- one during pre-school, one during grade school and one during high school. Things changed when I got to college - I had many close friends and belonged to a group. We were a gang of 8. But before I had a group, I had one classmate whom I considered a "best friend".  Things again changed when I got into a corporate world.  I developed deep friendships along the way and considered certain officemates as my BFFs. Yes, I had different sets of BFFs, then. And I'm glad up to now, we still keep in touch. 
Just a month back on our way home, my husband and I were talking about friendships and best friends in general.  In the middle of our conversation, he paused and asked me who my best friend is.  I started to think and blurted out certain names but after a while, I stopped and said, "You."  My answer was what he wanted to hear. And then, he said, "You, too, are my best friend."
When I think about the qualities of a best friend, I couldn't help but think about Jesus, about God. He has been, not only a father, but a best friend to me, too. 

There are infinite ways we can be a best friend to someone but here, I listed 20 practical ways one can be the best friend ever.       

Be there...always.  
Encourage your friend to be the best that he/she can be.

Apologize when you make a mistake.  
Bring out the best in him/her. 
Ease each others' burden.
Share the truth in your heart.
Travel together as much as you can. 

Reserve your most colorful and embarrassing insults for one another. 
Improve his/her life. 
Eat together as frequently as you can.
Never ever talk about your friend in a bad way or put him/her in a bad light.
Don’t set too many expectations and rules.
Find time to bond over things that you both enjoy doing.
Out-love your friend.  
Respect each others' individuality.

Listen, listen, listen.     
Indulge in all your guilty pleasures together and keep it a secret. 
Fuel each other's growth -- emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.    
Establish an open line of communication because a real friend calls.


Real friends talk to each other, update each other and is always available for one another. Communication is key.....      

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