Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mommy Me Time

For a mom like me who has an 8:30am-5:30pm job, it seems impossible to have a me-time. We oftentimes ask ourselves, when will I even find time to sit down and have some peace and quiet even just for 15 minutes? But, I thank God I am able to set aside some me-time each day. And that's because I have chosen to value myself a little bit more, too. Being a mom is not an excuse to put myself last on my priority list.

Now, I enjoy the company of me. In fact, I look forward to being with myself. It sounds narcissistic but I hope the picture you're all getting here is a picture of a person who's just learning to love herself a little bit more each day.

What I usually love to do during my "alone times" is to find a place that will allow me to quiet and clear my mind. It may be in a bookstore where I could browse over some magazines or in a coffee shop where I could just enjoy sipping a cup of my favorite frap while writing down my thoughts on my mini-journal.

Oftentimes during my lunch break, I get out of the office after having a very quick lunch and spend my remaining break time taking short walks by myself. I get to talk to God and have some quiet time with Him while walking. Oh how I love doing prayer walks! Well, there are also times that I spend my lunch hour doing some window-shopping. When I go back to my office cubicle, I am sure to feel recharged. A good 30-minute alone time each day really does wonders for me.

On the kikay side, I pamper myself by having a foot massage, scalp massage or just going to the parlor for my regular hair-cut. I also visit the spa occasionally. I always remember not to neglect myself. Taking care of myself is one way to feel good about myself. When I feel good about myself and when I feel good inside, it will manifest on the outside. I want my children to see their mom happy and relaxed.

Spending regular mommy alone times has helped me become the best mom to my 3 precious daughters and I hope, the best wife to my hubby (I refuse to be just a "better" half, hehe). If I say that my family is what's important to me, then it follows that I will give them the best of everything and that includes the best of me.

I came across this very nice inspirational quotation intended for single women but I believe it aptly applies to all:

"Beauty lies in loving yourself first.
With confidence and loving yourself,
you will see the beauty in other things around you.
You will be able to work better and happier.
Don't let your health be affected by your work or your boss,
so nothing matters more than your well being."

This is my official entry to Mec as Mom and

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

What makes Nuffnang and Hapee first class?

Before I answer this, let me first say that I'm part of the Nuffnang community and I'm happy to be part of it.

Nuffnang is the first in its field. It is the first blog advertising community in the Asia Pacific. Not only that, it has given a lot of bloggers like me an opportunity to be partners with them, just like a real community, where everyone is treated like a family. It is first class because of its continued success as a blog advertising platform and the relationships established within the community.

On the same note, Hapee is first class because of its success story. As the very first Filipino brand to ever penetrate the toothpaste market, it has brought honor and pride to our country.

These 2 first class brands, Nuffnang and Hapee, will be partnering together to give some "hapeeness" (2 movie tix) to the first 100 Nuffnangers (who can submit a blogpost) via a surprise movie screening this coming June 3, 7:30 pm, at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2. I'm hoping to be included in the list (wink, wink).

For more info about this "hapeeness" giveaway, visit Nuffnang or click this link.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of the things that make me feel like levitating...

This is my official entry to LEVY's contest (

If you are one of my very, very, very few followers who have been loyally reading my blogs, you would notice that what I often blog about are those adventures I have with my family. My family is what's precious to me. Being with them gives me so much joy. When I see my husband enjoying his time with our daughters and our daughters having so much fun with their pop, I feel so blessed. Nothing beats spending happy moments with my family, really. It always makes me feel like levitating.

Another thing that makes me always jump for joy is when I get to accomplish a task and be rewarded for that...even after a loooong time. May that be at work or in joining contests or just by simply doing my best. It's more than the material reward that I'm really happy about. There's a sense of fulfillment in knowing that I've given and done my best. It's again having that same feeling of blessedness inside me that's what I'm joyful about.

Our eldest daughter used to equate being rich with having a huge house with a swimming pool. I would tell her that our family may not be rich materially, but we are rich in a way that God intends us to be -- rich in love for each other. We don't want our kids to grow up having a skewed view of what's important in life. We want them to live their life to the fullest always with God in it. Yes, as young as they are, we want them to live a life of gratitude because it is only then that they will really get to enjoy living... and yes, get to feel like levitating.

And oh yes, before I even forget, certain situations in my life would make me feel like levitating and ironically it happens when I'm beset with problems. And oftentimes it happens right after I cry out to God and unburden everything to Him. You know that feeling when you can no longer walk and all of a sudden somebody carries you? Those moments make me realize (again and again) how weak and frail I am and how God is my strength in all things and that His love for me and my family is beyond measure. Wouldn't you be levitating in gladness, too, knowing in your heart that you are always secure in God's love? :-)

a little bit closer, so you would see how happy I am

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Living Life to the Fullest!'s Awesome Contest


Levy of Living Life to the Fullest is having a contest that will make you win nice prizes. How does $500 worth of cash and prizes sound to you?

But in order to win those prizes, what's more exciting is that you get to answer this very important question: "What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?" I like the question, it makes you sit down and think and ponder on your answer.

For the complete mechanics, head on to Levy's Living Life to the Fullest.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I lined up for the Starbucks Happy Hour Promo

Almost there...after an hour (?) of standing in line

Yeah I did. Not just once but twice! To think that I still have 5 of those HSBC transaction slips wherein I can redeem any 5 tall Starbucks drink for FREE. Oh well, that was the adventurous in me (or was it more like the masochist?) working double-time.

The first time I lined up was on the first day of the promo right after lunch time at the back of our office building with my officemate and a Starbucks addict, Abby. The second time was last Saturday at a nearby Starbucks branch, just outside our village. I was accompanied by my hubby, and our 2 younger kids, Noelle & Nala.

The queue was a bit long. While I was lining up for our 50% off fraps, I couldn't help but smile while watching my daughters having fun in their seats, just playing and bothering each other with their own antics.

I'm glad my hubby caught their "kakulitan" on camera.

As I was watching my girls having so much fun, I really didn't notice that I was standing in line for about an hour already. I was still joyful. It was one of those moments when I am just so grateful to God for being a mom.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family bonding time...over coffee

I'm not really a coffee drinker BUT one of my favorite hang out spots is a coffee shop. I love the smell of coffee and I just can't resist looking at and tasting the various oh-so-tempting pastries & cakes inside their display shelves. I have influenced my hubby and our 3 girls to love coffee shops, too. When we do hang out inside a coffee shop, I make sure to order at least 2 slices of cakes or any 2 pastries (one for me alone and the other one for them), aside from the frappuccinos that I buy for my hubby and 2 older daughters. You see, they have different tastes when it comes to frappuccinos.

One of my pet peeves in coffee shops is this: people who get to sit on a couch or take the best seats in the house and sit there for hours on end nursing just a single cup of coffee (as their coffee rental fee), unmindful of others waiting and praying to find even a chair to enjoy their expensive coffee in comfort. Blahhh! I swear, ang sarap nila buhusan ng kape.

Here's something I read from which I would like to share with you.

Coffee Shop Etiquette for Mobile Workers

Buy something: This actually is a commonly held rule for people who don't own coffee shops. We realize that wifi is offered for free to encourage us to spend money there. So help subsidize your bandwidth.

Don't hog space: Even if you're a paying customer, you're only one paying customer. Unless your laptop and papers are buying expensichinos too, don't spread all over a four top. Leave room for more customers to gather and subsidize your bandwith. If you end up at a table larger than needed, offer to share it when someone else is looking for a seat.

Don't overstay your welcome: Like the first item on the list...only longer.

Don't hog bandwith: You really don't need to be watching movie reruns. You really don't need video chat either. Be realistic about what you need to do so the rest of the patrons don't start taking the router's name in vain.

Keep it down: Use headphones so the rest of us aren't forced to listen to your entertainment. A few "You Got Mail" notices every once in a while aren't lawful.

Take it outside: There seem to be a gray line here concerning if you should use your cell phone. Some suggest you take the call outside. I'm in the camp that believes a cell phone conversation is the same as talking to someone at the table.

Clean up after yourself: Don't make the staff clean up after you.

Think of the coffee shop as a community or networking opportunity. It's likely that you will get to know other regulars - including the staff. It's important to make a good impression.

How I wish the coffee shops here in our country can post something like this on their walls where every potential "campers" can see and read clearly.

A more convenient way of getting NSO birth certificates

Next week, our whole family will be applying for a passport. Yup, even that is a family thing! It will be a first time for our 2 younger daughters to apply for one. Can that count as a milestone?

My husband said that getting an appointment was such a breeze. It took him less than 30 minutes to fill-out an online form and get a schedule for our passport application/renewal. Just like when I had to secure our NSO birth certificate, which is a requirement before applying for a passport. I went online, found this number -- 737-1111, dialed it and talked to the person on the other end. Three days after I made that phone call, our NSO birth certificates arrived.

This wasn't the first time I availed of their service. I remember feeling gleeful one afternoon in 2003 when I received a courier with our NSO certified documents inside after just 2 days since I made a request. Even then I thought that that service of NSO spelled CONVENIENCE! I even related that experience to my relatives and friends. I was amazed to say the least. It was worth all the peso I paid.

I wasn't aware of the company who made this service possible until recently when my hubby and I received an invite from Pilipinas Teleserve Inc. to the screening of the movie FastFive starring Vin Diesel. Aha, so it was Teleserv all along! Clap! Clap! I tell you, they couldn't have picked a more suitable movie that would represent their brand of service than FastFive.

My hats off to the founders of this company for giving us Citizen Services, which provides us easy access to the NSO, POEA and DFA. This is the same site I visited when I applied for our NSO certificates, and I didn't even know that.