Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A more convenient way of getting NSO birth certificates

Next week, our whole family will be applying for a passport. Yup, even that is a family thing! It will be a first time for our 2 younger daughters to apply for one. Can that count as a milestone?

My husband said that getting an appointment was such a breeze. It took him less than 30 minutes to fill-out an online form and get a schedule for our passport application/renewal. Just like when I had to secure our NSO birth certificate, which is a requirement before applying for a passport. I went online, found this number -- 737-1111, dialed it and talked to the person on the other end. Three days after I made that phone call, our NSO birth certificates arrived.

This wasn't the first time I availed of their service. I remember feeling gleeful one afternoon in 2003 when I received a courier with our NSO certified documents inside after just 2 days since I made a request. Even then I thought that that service of NSO spelled CONVENIENCE! I even related that experience to my relatives and friends. I was amazed to say the least. It was worth all the peso I paid.

I wasn't aware of the company who made this service possible until recently when my hubby and I received an invite from Pilipinas Teleserve Inc. to the screening of the movie FastFive starring Vin Diesel. Aha, so it was Teleserv all along! Clap! Clap! I tell you, they couldn't have picked a more suitable movie that would represent their brand of service than FastFive.

My hats off to the founders of this company for giving us Citizen Services, which provides us easy access to the NSO, POEA and DFA. This is the same site I visited when I applied for our NSO certificates, and I didn't even know that.

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