Thursday, May 26, 2011

Of the things that make me feel like levitating...

This is my official entry to LEVY's contest (

If you are one of my very, very, very few followers who have been loyally reading my blogs, you would notice that what I often blog about are those adventures I have with my family. My family is what's precious to me. Being with them gives me so much joy. When I see my husband enjoying his time with our daughters and our daughters having so much fun with their pop, I feel so blessed. Nothing beats spending happy moments with my family, really. It always makes me feel like levitating.

Another thing that makes me always jump for joy is when I get to accomplish a task and be rewarded for that...even after a loooong time. May that be at work or in joining contests or just by simply doing my best. It's more than the material reward that I'm really happy about. There's a sense of fulfillment in knowing that I've given and done my best. It's again having that same feeling of blessedness inside me that's what I'm joyful about.

Our eldest daughter used to equate being rich with having a huge house with a swimming pool. I would tell her that our family may not be rich materially, but we are rich in a way that God intends us to be -- rich in love for each other. We don't want our kids to grow up having a skewed view of what's important in life. We want them to live their life to the fullest always with God in it. Yes, as young as they are, we want them to live a life of gratitude because it is only then that they will really get to enjoy living... and yes, get to feel like levitating.

And oh yes, before I even forget, certain situations in my life would make me feel like levitating and ironically it happens when I'm beset with problems. And oftentimes it happens right after I cry out to God and unburden everything to Him. You know that feeling when you can no longer walk and all of a sudden somebody carries you? Those moments make me realize (again and again) how weak and frail I am and how God is my strength in all things and that His love for me and my family is beyond measure. Wouldn't you be levitating in gladness, too, knowing in your heart that you are always secure in God's love? :-)

a little bit closer, so you would see how happy I am

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of your fans now ;) Keep it up divine vivs. To add, our dinner the other night was a levitating experience for me. Seeing GOOD, OLD, TIME-TESTED friends is such a lift. - Pinky A. Ong

divine_viva said...

Yes, I agree with you Pinks. That was a levitating experience for me, too. It was nice seeing you guys again. And thanks for being a fan, hehehe. Mag-blog ka na din! I'm sure you'll have many many followers :-)

Prince Charming said...

Good luck to my wifey! Hope you win the prize!

Karen said...

good luck to us, sis! i joined too. :)

divine_viva said...

Hi Karen,
Good luck, too! Thanks for visiting.