Thursday, May 12, 2011

I lined up for the Starbucks Happy Hour Promo

Almost there...after an hour (?) of standing in line

Yeah I did. Not just once but twice! To think that I still have 5 of those HSBC transaction slips wherein I can redeem any 5 tall Starbucks drink for FREE. Oh well, that was the adventurous in me (or was it more like the masochist?) working double-time.

The first time I lined up was on the first day of the promo right after lunch time at the back of our office building with my officemate and a Starbucks addict, Abby. The second time was last Saturday at a nearby Starbucks branch, just outside our village. I was accompanied by my hubby, and our 2 younger kids, Noelle & Nala.

The queue was a bit long. While I was lining up for our 50% off fraps, I couldn't help but smile while watching my daughters having fun in their seats, just playing and bothering each other with their own antics.

I'm glad my hubby caught their "kakulitan" on camera.

As I was watching my girls having so much fun, I really didn't notice that I was standing in line for about an hour already. I was still joyful. It was one of those moments when I am just so grateful to God for being a mom.

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