Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family bonding time...over coffee

I'm not really a coffee drinker BUT one of my favorite hang out spots is a coffee shop. I love the smell of coffee and I just can't resist looking at and tasting the various oh-so-tempting pastries & cakes inside their display shelves. I have influenced my hubby and our 3 girls to love coffee shops, too. When we do hang out inside a coffee shop, I make sure to order at least 2 slices of cakes or any 2 pastries (one for me alone and the other one for them), aside from the frappuccinos that I buy for my hubby and 2 older daughters. You see, they have different tastes when it comes to frappuccinos.

One of my pet peeves in coffee shops is this: people who get to sit on a couch or take the best seats in the house and sit there for hours on end nursing just a single cup of coffee (as their coffee rental fee), unmindful of others waiting and praying to find even a chair to enjoy their expensive coffee in comfort. Blahhh! I swear, ang sarap nila buhusan ng kape.

Here's something I read from which I would like to share with you.

Coffee Shop Etiquette for Mobile Workers

Buy something: This actually is a commonly held rule for people who don't own coffee shops. We realize that wifi is offered for free to encourage us to spend money there. So help subsidize your bandwidth.

Don't hog space: Even if you're a paying customer, you're only one paying customer. Unless your laptop and papers are buying expensichinos too, don't spread all over a four top. Leave room for more customers to gather and subsidize your bandwith. If you end up at a table larger than needed, offer to share it when someone else is looking for a seat.

Don't overstay your welcome: Like the first item on the list...only longer.

Don't hog bandwith: You really don't need to be watching movie reruns. You really don't need video chat either. Be realistic about what you need to do so the rest of the patrons don't start taking the router's name in vain.

Keep it down: Use headphones so the rest of us aren't forced to listen to your entertainment. A few "You Got Mail" notices every once in a while aren't lawful.

Take it outside: There seem to be a gray line here concerning if you should use your cell phone. Some suggest you take the call outside. I'm in the camp that believes a cell phone conversation is the same as talking to someone at the table.

Clean up after yourself: Don't make the staff clean up after you.

Think of the coffee shop as a community or networking opportunity. It's likely that you will get to know other regulars - including the staff. It's important to make a good impression.

How I wish the coffee shops here in our country can post something like this on their walls where every potential "campers" can see and read clearly.

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