Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What makes a smart phone a genius phone?

Like a lot of working moms, I am very economical and a very smart consumer. I commute to work everyday. I take long walks from our house gate to the village gate where I wait for a tricycle to bring me to the terminal where I ride a shuttle service van to Makati. I bring "baon" to work almost everyday, too. I have two bags, which are my carry staples - a big shoulder bag and a tote dedicated to carry my lunch bag. Smart and economical, am I not?

My big bag carries my brown wallet, green wallet, super small coin purse, make-up kit, small notebook, at least 3 pens, point-and-shoot camera, hand-me-down cellphone (from my husband), shades, USB stick, cologne, anti-bacterial hand spray, cleansing wipes, mint, some of my church bulletins and pieces of papers/letters/notes given to me by my daughters. Each item inside my bag represents a side of who I am and what I love.

My big black bag and what it contains...

I maintain a blog because I just realized one day that I love to write. And the topic that I really love to write about is the one that is closest to my heart – my family – our adventures, our food trips, our happy moments together, our goofiness with each other, etc. This is the very reason why I bring my camera along with me wherever I go – to capture those magical moments with them. My pictures of them just make my personal blog more alive and so much more personal.

My experiences in life have helped me become smart. But I realize, nowadays, being smart in everything is no longer enough. You have to be a genius of sorts, just like maybe Mark Zuckerberg, the main face behind the Facebook. I believe what sets him apart from all the smart alecks at Harvard University is his creativity and his unconventional way of thinking which makes him a genius.

This brings me to what this blog article is all about - what makes a smart technology a genius one. My answer to this - I believe, it's still the creativity behind the technology. This is what LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2X is all about. Creative geniuses, if I may say!

I was totally blown away with all the amazing features the LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2X have. Boy oh boy, when oh when can I have something like the Optimus for a change???

LG Optimus Black: Dashing in its form and functions

Measuring 122 x 64 x 9.2 mm, the LG Optimus Black offers more generous 4-inch, 480 x 800-pixels screen that makes typing on the virtual keyboard such a breeze. It is slim and very light at 109 grams (really my kind of phone). It looks very stylish from all the Google images I saw. It looks dashing and very slender which I love since I have small hands.

You've seen the front view. Now, let's look at the side view.... Ooh lala! so slim & slender.
Now let's see the back view... It still looks so dapper from behind. Another wow feature that this phone has, is its Nova display which is said to be one of the brightest in the market. What this means is that it's easier to read the screen even outdoors because it offers brilliant colors and excellent contrast. This is perfect for me because of my blurry vision even though I'm wearing a pair of 225-graded contact lens. So, when the sun is shining, this is where Optimus Black shines the most. A valuable asset, indeed!

Being a clutter-hater, the LG Optimus Black's external design appeals to me because its look and design are all about minimalism.

LG Optimus 2X: Powerfully loaded with striking features

The LG Optimus 2X, on the other hand, is amazing with its 8 megapixel camera at rear. This remarkable feature will not only help me capture our family’s best moments but would also help in enhancing the quality of the photos I take since it comes with features like LED flash, auto-focus, Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, touch focus, and image stabilization.

Here are sample pictures taken using LG Optimus 2x (Source:

I will definitely look for this place (see above pics) in Europe and take the same photos if I get the chance... of course, using LG Optimus 2x.

This mobile comes with an internal memory of 8 GB, which can be expanded up to 32 GB using micro SD cards. With this enormous memory capacity, I can take plenty of videos without me worrying of my phone having a "memory overload". I like to take videos of my kids' milestones and I really love to catch their many antics on video. Those are precious moments which I would treasure for the rest of my life. Oh I'm being melodramatic again.

Here's a sample video using the LG Optimus 2x (Source:

Going back to the LG Optimus 2x, this is loaded with GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB Port. I'm such a mommy-on-the go that's why I can definitely use these features when I want a fast internet access though my mobile phone. I can transfer data and important files from one device to another effectively and easily. My present phone cannot do these things. Sad face :-(

This is truly an astounding thingamabob that is stuffed with striking features. I wanna have one fast!!!

And yes, didn’t I mention that I am petite (well yes, I'm just a little below 5 feet weighing 105 lbs.), so this slim and lightweight phones are perfect for me and can definitely save me enough bag space since I don’t have to bring my camera anymore. That’s convenient! Or maybe, I don’t have to bring such a big bag anymore. That’s even more convenient!!

Here's a picture of me, with my big, black bag. I was attending a bloggers' party when this photo was taken 3 years ago. See, I'm still using that same big, black bag until now. How frugal of me.

Who says that genius mothers like me can't have the genius gadgets out there?!
The features of LG Optimus Black and 2X are bordering on insanity. Man, they are really genius phones and I'll go insane once I get my hands on them. Hahaha!

I say, working-mothers like me deserve to have these genius phones because they can make our lives so much easier. LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2X are the BFFs any busy working-moms can have.

Oh yeah, let me end by saying this ---
Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

Friday, June 17, 2011

PLDT myDSL's Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my internet experience from AWESOME to OMG-Ang-Galing!

Beat this!

PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 subscribers will experience a jaw-dropping ride this June with an upgrade on their network. Which means they will enjoy a FREE and UNLIMITED speed boost of up to 5Mbps from their previous 3Mbps. This upgrade will enable them to stream, download, and play online as much as they want.

Picture this, imagine yourself driving one of the fastest cars in the world, a Ferrari Enzo that can reach a top speed of 217 mph. That is already awesome, isn't it?

Ferrari Enzo- 217 mph

Then one day, you woke up and saw not a Ferrari parked inside your garage but a McLaren F1 that can run up to 240 mph. Seeing that thing parked inside your garage is such an OMG moment!

McLaren F1 - 240 mph

That is exactly what I'm talking about. From owning a Ferrari and replacing it free with a McLaren is like getting a FREE network upgrade from a speed of 3Mbps to a speed of 5Mbps. And if you still want more, PLDT myDSL has something more in store for you -- you will also get a Watchpad with even more exclusive content plus one (1) year of FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls.

With PLDT myDSL's Internet to Sawa, there's no "kawawa". Not only that, PLDT myDSL's Internet to Sawa will definitely transform our internet experience from awesome to OMG-Ang-Galing!

Let me relate this with my experience when I joined Nuffnang. I used to be just an occasional mommy-blogger but when I joined Nuffnang, I have become more active in blogging. I have gained friends in the blogging community, most of them Nuffnangers like myself, and I am learning a lot from them in terms of blogging. I am happy to be part of the Nuffnang community because this is just like one big, happy family. So you see, I also feel I have been upgraded from being an occasional mommy-blogger to a more active one.

Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm you subscription today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everything I Love

Care to see what's inside the bag of a

I am a working mother and an occasional mother-blogger (mom who blogs ok).

I maintain a blog because I just realized one day that I love to write. And the topic that I really love to write about is the one that is closest to my heart – my family. I love writing about our food trips, our hotel-hopping adventures, our bonding times with each other, our happy moments together and just anything under the sun that we love doing together. This is the very reason why I bring my camera along with me wherever I go – to capture those magical moments with my family. My pictures of them just make my personal blog more alive and so much more personal.

More than any material things, it's the relationship that I have with my God, family, loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and others that I value the most.

As a mother-blogger (ok, as a mom who blogs), it has become a habit of mine to take pictures of just about everything that fascinates me... and yes, even things that don't make any sense at all. Even when I'm in the office, I do take pictures of my desk, of what food I'm having every lunch time, etc. etc. My digital camera does that job. It has also been a constant companion in some of the events which I am invited to attend.

My love for writing and taking pictures will bring me to the meat of what this blog is all about – my heart’s desire for now, the Blackberry Bold 9780!

You see, I have been longing to own a phone that is not a hand-me-down and minus the screen scratches. And this opportunity of winning a spanking new phone came along. A light-bulb moment if I may say. This isn’t just an ordinary cellphone, but a Blackberry Bold 9780. So, I researched and read and read about its features and found them to be so amazing (I like to have a QWERTY keyboard for a change).

But what makes it even more amazing is that it is equipped with a 5-mega pixel camera that will not only help me capture our family’s best moments but would also help in enhancing the quality of the photos since it comes with features like image stabilization, LED Flash and auto focus. With a 256MB memory which is capable of expanding up to 32GB with the addition of microSD cards, I can take plenty of videos without me worrying of my phone having a "memory overload". Oh how I would love to take lots of videos of my 3 daughters just doing what they love to do. These are memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Here I go again, I'm such a melodramatic mama.

Okay, going back to Blackberry -- from what I’ve learned about this phone, I don’t think I will ever have a hard time connecting with friends and family as it boasts of high speed internet experience and one click to access mails and social networking sites. ONE CLICK is all there is to it. I like that. I am so looking forward to having a speedy affair with an internet access! I can happily update my status messages, post photographs and share videos to family and friends, which I cannot do with my present phone.

Lately, my hubby and I have been fond of watching concerts. And one thing that we never, never fail to do when we watch a concert is of course, take lots of photos and videos of the artist/s on stage.

Here is a sample video we took of Justin Bieber's concert (using my digicam).

Here are sample photos we took of John Mayer's, Miley Cyrus' and Kenny Logins' concert (using my digicam again). Take note: We were seated about five rows away from the stage. These shots I posted were already the best among the many photos I took. Most were really blurry photos.

It would be so awesome to have something on hand to take good, quality videos of concerts with, even when we're seated so far away from the stage. It's nice to brag about these awesome experiences once in a while by sending these videos or photos to friends and relatives here and abroad, hahaha!

With a Blackberry Bold 9780, it'll now be a lot easier to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world. I will take comfort in knowing that I have a reliable phone that can help me "connect" so much easier with all my "ka-relationships". You know, just thinking and writing about what I can do with this phone makes me desire it even more.

Watch this video and you'll know what I mean.

And yes, because of my petite frame, this slim and lightweight phone measuring 109 x 60 x 14mm and weighing just 122g, is perfect for me and can definitely save me enough bag space since I don’t have to bring my digital camera anymore. I believe my present digicam and my cellphone are ready for retirement, anyway. Both have served me long enough :-)

As a busy but happy working mom, I need a phone that can bring more balance into my life in terms of work, personal, family and leisure. I believe, the Blackberry Bold 9780 can help me achieve that perfect balance. Not to mention, my hubby and my kids will love me even more.

I wish that's my hand holding the Blackberry Bold 9780.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why I Want a Date at Chef Tatung's

It's been a while since my last date at a fine dining restaurant with hubby. You know that fine dining ambiance where everything feels romantic and quiet? I look forward to having a date with him once again and real soon. And since I'm longing for a private time with my hubby over good food, it's just so timely that I have come across this contest by Dainty Mom. Guess what's in store for the winner? You guessed it correctly - a date at Chef Tatung's! Hubby and I haven't tried the private dining concept which is what Chef Tatung's is all about. If ever I win, this would be a first on our "Date Experiences List".

So for those of you who want to experience what Chef Tatung's has to offer, head on to Dainty Mom and find out how you can bag a free romantic dinner for two at Chef Tatung's Private Dining.

See above picture, our eyes says it all...
"We want to experience a dinner date at Chef Tatung's Private Dining."