Saturday, July 9, 2011

The dynamic duo doing a dynamite recipe (wehehe)

This post is supposed to be for Mother's Day. So, it means this post is already two months overdue. Anyway, I just like to share what my gimmick was last Mother's day.

My daughter and I went to Dusit Thani's Dynamic Duo Mother's Day No-Cook Recipe Contest where we prepared another one of my dessert inventions with mangoes and bananas.

Our dynamite recipe - a no-bake pie consisting of mangoes and bananas

My hubby, mother-in-law, our daughter Noelle, were there to give us some moral support. I even remember it to be the day Pacquiao won against Mosley. After the event it rained so hard.

But unlike Pacquiao who was declared champion that day, we didn't win the grand prize. Still we got nice prizes for being a finalist - an overnight stay at their deluxe room with breakfast buffet for two and 2 GCs for a Buffet Crossover lunch. Sweet!

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