Saturday, July 9, 2011

Simple Birthday Wishes

Two of my "preciousnesses" celebrated their birthdays last June, exactly one week apart. We had two simple yet special celebrations. For their birthday cake I opted to try something different and cute - I bought mini cupcakes from Classic Confections at 50% off (coupon purchased from Groupon Beeconomic). They're so pretty to eat. By the way, Classic Confections is where I also ordered the cookie giveaways during the baptism of our youngest daughter.

Classic Confections mini cupcakes
The photo above shows how they looked like before I brought the box home.
Wondering what they looked like when I got home? Read my side kwento about it.

This was the "handa" we feasted on during Nala's birthday: Doloras' Pancit Malabon (sarap nito, promise), pork bbq, Classic Confections 1 dozen mini cupcakes, Royal Tru Orange, Gardenia pandesal.

Nala loves to blow birthday candles on cakes (I think all kids love to do that anyway) and loves to sing the Happy Birthday song, that's why I knew it would make her really happy if she would blow candles on her mini cupcakes again and again.

We sang the Birthday song at least 10x just for Nala to blow the candles on her cupcake again and again.

This was the "handa" we feasted on during Noelle's birthday: Jollibee Chicken Joy, Jollibee spaghetti, Jollibee French fries (her simple birthday request), and (again) Classic Confections mini cupcakes (which she also requested to be her "birthday cake").

Side kwento about the cupcakes
While I was sleeping inside the shuttle van on my way home (I commute daily), I accidentally leaned on the box and destroyed the thin plastic window covering the box. So, the cupcakes ended up looking like this on Nala's birthday.

I chose those that still looked okay for the photo shoot.

A week later during Noelle's birthday, I went home again with a box of these mini cupcakes. As usual, I took the shuttle going home but I was now more careful in carrying the box. I even stayed awake the whole trip just to avoid crushing the cupcakes.

This was how they looked like when I opened the box at home.

Oh well, Noelle and Nala still loved them cupcakes, even though they weren't in "mint" condition.

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