Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going Gaga Over Gargling

(Sing to the tune of Bad Romance)

No need to gargle all the time

Don't wanna gargle all day long


My top reasons why I need not gargle all the time/all day long

Lipstick won't look good on me.
Angry birds will have me as their new nemesis since I look more like a pig than their pig enemies.
Dating my hubby will no longer be as exciting. (I don't wanna be caught in a bad romance). Just imagine, whenever we'll go out on dates, he'll be wondering if he, indeed, made the right decision in marrying me.
You will be mocked and ridiculed by society for having a face that looks like a moving butt.

Gargling all the time / all day long is not only time-consuming but so tiring.
Addicting as it may be, this unproductive habit makes a working-mom like me less credible and more like a clown.
Gifts that I will receive every Christmas or during my birthday will most likely be related to oral hygiene or oral care. Now, that's not too exciting, isn't it?
Angelina Jolie is who I would love to look like not somebody who is suffering from incurable mumps. See picture below.

But my No. 1 reason why I do not want to gargle all the time/all day long is that I do not want to be the Lady Gaga of Gargling. And here's a good news! With Colgate Plax, I shouldn't worry about it -- of being a Lady Gaga of Gargling. Colgate Plax has 12-hour anti-bacterial protection for longer lasting fresh breath.

Find out more about what Colgate Plax can do for you by visiting Colgate Plax website and going gaga over their Gloo Gloo animation using the Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo application. You gotta try it. It's super fun to use. I actually tried it several times using a photo of each of all the members of my family. It was actually a fun way to bond with my 3 daughters. Really.

Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo animation -- my cheeks move, simulating the gargling action.


Stop Plaque with Colgate Plax

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