Sunday, November 13, 2011

A happy mommy's journey to snacking-healthy with Soyami

I look forward to Friday nights when I get home from work and our kids and I bond together over watching our favorite DVD movies. These movie-bonding nights are never complete without snacks. Oh yes, we love to munch on a snack. In fact in our family, snack is one important meal.

I was still single when I got hooked on potato chips and sweets. When it comes to potato chips, "the saltier, the tastier" they were to me. While on sweets, "the sweeter, the better". But I realized later on in life that such indulgence was never healthy. In fact, we all know it to be true that too much salt and sugar can be deadly.

I started looking for a healthier alternative to my "junk foods" when I became a mom with my kids sharing my fondness for having snacks. That's why, slowly I refrained from eating too salty chips and too sweet treats. I began to fill my diet with fruits and lots of veggies. I would like my 3 daughters to grow up healthy and eat healthy. Kids learn from their parents the most, right? So, I must really be a good example to my children. It has paid off. I'm happy to see them fight over a piece of apple or go crazy over bananas or be so excited to have grapes for their recess. They love salads and green, leafy vegetables, too.

Well, I used to think that all chips are junk food. But then I heard and learned about healthy snacking and healthy chips and Soyami. I got curious about Soyami Soya Chips particularly, its taste, so I bought the 3 flavors available: Original, White Cheddar, and Pizza.

I sampled the Pizza flavor first during one lunch break at my office. Lo and behold, I liked it!

Next, I introduced my newly-discovered healthy snack food, Soyami Soya Chips, to my kids. Lo and behold (again), they liked it, too! and I'm one happy mom. Yipeee!

My kids snack on Soyami during their playtime.

We just found our healthier choice to snacking! Soyami Soya Chips are made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and 0% transfat. Wow, just look at that -- 0% transfat!

It is available in 3 flavors: Original, White Cheddar, and Pizza and is out in the market already. I love the Original flavor the most. On the other hand, the White Cheddar is my kids' favorite.

One fact I learned about consuming soy during childhood is that it "has been shown to promote growth and boost bone health." In other words, my children can benefit significantly from eating Soyami. That's one great news!

Knowing about the health benefits of soy foods has convinced me to stock up on Soyami Soya Chips at home and office.

I want to keep a healthy lifestyle and live long for my children. "Soy foods, when consumed regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by improving key risk factors, such as by lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and helping to keep blood vessels flexible as we age."

So now, even in our DVD bonding time, we snack on something healthy...even if these are chips.

Join me and my family in our journey to snacking healthy with Soyami! Weeee! and

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