Friday, January 6, 2012

A "Changi"-ng Ina Mo Story at the Changi Airport

Weeks before our scheduled visit to Singapore where Ronald was having his 3-week training, I was already conditioning my mind that everything would be fine. From packing our bags to the waiting in NAIA to the actual plane ride and arrival at Changi. Yes, it was big deal to me because I would be traveling with my 3 girls ages 11, 5 and 2, and with tow strollers in two. I mean, two strollers in tow (hehehe). I made ID tags for them and even bought whistles which I looped over their tags. I told them to blow the whistle in case of emergency. That was the “praning” side of mommy Vivian working double time.
I successfully fitted all our clothes, shoes, slippers, diapers, and everything else (2 Ziploc bags of formula milk, stuff toys, water toys, Purefoods Deli Bologna, bilins from my husband like canned goods, Knorr seasoning, toyo, vinegar, Boy Bawang, etc.) in just 2 small luggage. The bolster pillows for my tots I was able to pack inside my carry-all bag. I am now a packing expert! 
My tween’s backpack carried her board games and other chips (hahaha). Now, we were ready to go!
NAIA 1: Kiddie Lounge
They had the place all to themselves.
We were one of the first to board the plane and as soon as we were ushered to our seats, the girls settled down and observed the other passengers coming in. Meanwhile, Nala was hyper. She would stand up then sit down then sit on my lap while drinking her milk. For almost 2 hours she was on my lap playing, reading, drinking and when she felt sleepy, she started to whimper while saying, “I wanna lie down…higa,” repeatedly. She would cry with her eyes closed. I struggled to calm her down. I was also sleepy and I didn’t want to disturb the other passengers who were sleeping at that time.
Finally, she was able to sleep while I rocked her in my arms just like a newborn baby, only 10x heavier. Geesh. I was counting the minutes until our plane reached Changi because my arms were so tired already. She would wake up every time I tried to put her down on her seat.

A few minutes before the plane landed, I immediately woke Nisi up (a very deep sleeper) and sat Noelle on her seat while sleeping. A stewardess came to me and strapped Nala on my lap. And since we were also the first ones to disembark, I had to act fast – after unbuckling Noelle and Nala, I carried Nala over my left shoulder, wore my shoulder bag over my right shoulder and carried my carry-all bag over my right arm, got Nisi’s backpack from the overhead cabin, assisted Noelle who was irritable and still groggy, continued to wake Nisi up while walking on the aisle. I didn’t want to hold up the line. Hahaha! I still managed to put a smile on my face when the flight attendant bid us goodbye and said, “Thank you for flying Jetstar.”

When I couldn’t bear anymore Nala’s weight over my shoulder, I put her down. As her bare feet touched Changi’s carpeted airport floor, just like a battery-operated toy, her face lit up and she excitedly explored her new surroundings hand-in-hand with Noelle. It was a long stroll before we reached the line to the immigration counter. And not long after, I saw Ronald eagerly waiting for us. But first, I got our two strollers and our 2 checked-in luggage.

I was tired but happy. The kids were happy. My husband was happy. It was almost 2 a.m. Thank God we made it in Changi safe and sound!
Above photos: Taken inside a big van-cab on our way to our hotel

"Thank you God for bringing us safely here in Singapore to be with papa. We love You. Goodnight."
And oh by the way… everything, indeed, turned out fine.
The end.

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