Friday, January 6, 2012

A royal family celebrates a merry Christmas

Para bang si Prince William and Kate M?

It was on the eve of Christmas when hubby arrived from Malaysia along with thousands of other OFWs. We were so excited to be with each other once again after our Cebu trip last November. Hubby lost his belly fat. Belly good!

Our girls were so happy to see their papa. Noelle and Nala proudly showed off their princess-like balloon skirts. Our Christmas color motif was violet but in photos, it appeared to be more like royal blue than violet. Oh well, royal blue or violet – the color is still of royalty.

Just like every Christmas eve, my brother and his family spent noche buena in our home. For food, we had Chinese as our theme. O diba pati food may theme din?

Our Noche Buena menu: Peking Duck, Beef with Broccoli, Pork Asado, Pancit Canton, Shrimps in Butter and Garlic, Buko Salad, Caramel Crunch Cake (from Claudette’s through Ensogo). And of course I made sure there was Coke, kasi pang OFW diba?

The following day which was Christmas day, our family went to San Mateo for the annual Baltazar family reunion (mother-in-law’s side). We, again, wore our color motif.

Our two princesses wore the crowns, which were presents from Jesus sent by Santa Claus (the delivery man).

Then, Christmas dinner was spent at home with my husband's family. For our Christmas dinner menu, we opted to order take-out from KFC, Shakey's. And oh, we also had the "tira-tira" from our Noche Buena.

Above photo: with my parents-in-law

The whole Aguilar clan


Gladys | said...

nice! matching wardrobe for the entire family... my son and i ought to do this some time :)

Joy Mendiola said...

I like the 'color-coding' of your family. Nice to si the daa joining/wearing the same color. Yours is a picture of a happy family.

Miss you na Vivs!