Friday, January 6, 2012

Why my eyes and nose were red...hindi naman ako si Rudolph

I’m a person who cries too easily. I remember crying over some scenes in movies, news or even commercials which many may find weird to cry over, like for example a scene from a Johnson’s Baby powder commercial, Lion King, Shrek- Forever and After, Tangled, You’ve Got Mail and a lot more.

The first time I read Inquirer’s news about how Sendong claimed the lives of thousands of children, I broke into tears. I didn’t even get to finish reading the first story - - an account of a survivor who lost her two young children - - and yet I couldn’t breathe already because I was trying hard to control my tears. Ang sakit-sakit ng dibdib ko. I was at the office and I didn’t want to create a scene. When I went back to my desk, I saw from my mirror my eyes and nose so red.

I wanted to fly to Cagayan right then and there. I wanted to just be there for those who lost their loved ones. I wanted to hug the children who lost their parents and are now orphans. Ay nako, even as I am drafting this piece, umiiyak ako… ano ba ‘yan?

But, thinking about it after, had I flown to Cagayan and seen the survivors, I would have probably suffered a massive heart attack or had an emotional breakdown. Instead of me comforting them, it might have been the other way around kasi every time I will see survivors iiyak lang ako ng iiyak.

The tragedy happened before Christmas and I couldn’t think of being merry without thinking about them. I prayed and asked God to give comfort and strength to every one who survived, because I know, only Him and Him alone can give them that comfort and hope they need.

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