Friday, January 6, 2012

It ought to be called the city of Sebo we come!

I have never seen so many lechons in my life. Everywhere I look, there was lechon. Oh lechon -- here, there and everywhere. Now I know why it’s called Cebu. If there’s lechon everywhere, there’s sebo everywhere, too!

After checking in to our hotel, the whole clan headed to Abuhan Pochero, which was just a few minutes walk from Crowne Regency.

I got surprised when my husband’s stomach reacted to its first taste of bulalo, sizzling bulalo steak, sisig and lechon after just 2 months of pork-deprivation. Oh boy, oh yes, he suffered from stomach ache and LBM, big time!

The Culprit

You see, when he moved to Malaysia, his tummy suddenly made a “paradigm shift”. From a “baboy”-lover, his tummy learned to adapt to a pork-free diet. Clap! Clap!

Anyway, his stomach condition while in Cebu didn’t stop him from trying what Cebu has to offer --- yes, more lechons! But this time, he already knew that he had to make “hinay-hinay lang sa pagkain”.

Halo-halo dessert at Ice Castle

Day 1 Dinner: Zubuchon

Day 2 Lunch: Golden Cowrie

Day 2 Dinner: at a nearby grill & resto (I forgot the name)

Day 3 Lunch: AA BBQ

After our sebo food trip, I knew I had to go on a strict cleansing diet. Oh well, at least when I went back to Manila, I still had Cebu on my mind and (a lot of) sebo in my body.

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