Friday, November 13, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

#BelkinWishlist Contest Poster

My family and I love to travel. Every chance we get and when money is not an issue, we take on a new adventure to a new place. This 2016, we have been blessed to book a promo flight to Korea. It would be our first time to experience Korea. So, my mindset in making this list is centered on our upcoming travels (God willing).  And oh, they are also the perfect Christmas gifts -- for me, hubby and our teenager.    

So, presenting to you my Top 5 Most Wanted Belkin Product: 

1) Belkin 2.4A Universal Charger Kit (White)

A world power in my control!
The ability to plug in to local power outlets anywhere in the world is vital for staying connected and safe when work or pleasure takes you out of the country. The Global Travel Kit provides one charger with 6 interchangeable tips that safely cover the 6 dominant power formats across the world. Plus, with 2.4A output, it gives the fastest possible charging for all your devices, whatever country you're in.   In a snapshot, its features are impressive!

  • Universal charger for ALL countries that works with any device
  • 6 interchangeable regional plugs in one box
  • 2.4A output for fastest charging

  • 2)  Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

    The Belkin Charger Kit comes with a 1.2m/4ft Lightning to USB cable, so you can charge your Lightning connector devices at top speeds. And because it's removable, the cable can be used anywhere - plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, use it with the Home Charger to charge from the wall, or the Car Charger to charge on the road. Compatible with most iOS devices with a Lightning connector port.

    It is compatible with the most mobile devices!
    The USB ports on the Belkin Car Charger and Belkin Home Charger are both universal, so you can plug in any USB charging cable to charge a variety of different mobile devices at the fastest possible speed, including any brand smartphone, any brand tablet or any another mobile device.

    It is easy to use!
    The Belkin Chargers for Car and Home are extremely fast, but also extremely small. Plug the Home Charger into any wall outlet and it seamlessly blends in without blocking your other outlets. The Car Charger's low-profile design sits in your dash without getting in the way of your other controls. And at just less than ounce each, they weigh less than a few quarters in your pocket.

    It is perfect for any family with multiple devices!
    Because it's so versatile, the Belkin Charger Kit with Cable is the best charger kit for families with different devices to charge. No more drawers full of old chargers and cables, no more fighting over the chargers, and perhaps best of all, no more wondering which charger is compatible with your device. When you need to switch between multiple devices, simply swap out the cable.

    At A Glance:
    Ultra-compact home charger plugs into any wall power outlet
    Low-profile car charger plugs into any car power outlet
    10 Watt/2.1 Amp each
    Universal powered USB port
    Includes separate 1.2m/4ft Lightning to USB cable

    3) Belkin Family Rockstar 4-Port USB Charger

    A charger that's great at sharing!
    The multi-talented family rockstar provides an enormous 5.4 amp total charging power across four USB ports. That'e enough power to charge two tablets and two smartphones, all at the same time. Any port can charge any device thanks to an intelligent smartchip, which recognizes the connected device automatically for tablets that means optimal charging at 2.4 amps. Wall-mountable and boasting a ten foot cable for convenient placement, this chanrging her will make power struggles at home a thing of the past. This is made for USB devices.

    4)  Belkin Dual Swivel Charger with Lightning to USB Cable

    It includes removable lightning to USB cable!
    The Belkin Swivel Charger comes with a 4-foot Lightning to USB cable, so you can charge your Lightning connector devices at the fastest possible speed. The smaller, more durable Lightning connector is reversible, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. And because it’s removable, the cable can be used anywhere—plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, or use your own car charger to charge on the road. Great as a replacement cable or if you simply need an extra.

    5)  Belkin AC Anywhere + USB Port

    The USB port allows simultaneously charging of MP3 players, cellphones amd any other electronic devices.  There is also a built-in cooling fan for temperature protection. And that concludes my Most Wanted List.  I found all these Belkin products from Lazada website and they are from the merchant BELKIN PH BY MACPOWER.

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