Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Date Nights

Our latest Friday night date at Texas Roadhouse Grill (Boni High Street)

It was sometime in 2008 when my hubby and I decided to reserve Friday nights exclusively for the two us. Friday nights would be our date nights. If I could recall correctly, that decision stemmed from a fight that we had one Friday night. We were suppose to celebrate a special occasion that night (I can't remember if it was my birthday or our wedding anniversary) when a disagreement arose. I wanted very much to call off that dinner date and just go home. Good thing, we immediately patched things up and forgave each other. From that point on we committed to have date nights every Friday night.

Dinner at Tender Bob's Greenbelt

There were many times that we would spend our Friday nights watching a movie. Thanks to Citibank Free Movie Pass promo (I'm glad it's back), we were able to watch lots of movies without spending too much for the tickets.

Dessert time one Friday night at Gelatissimo

And there would be times that we would squeeze in some grocery shopping after having dinner in a nearby resto.

It pays to have date nights. Really. It's nice to just chill out with your husband and enjoy the company of each other.

I read from a book that having date nights with your spouse is an effective way to nourish a relationship. It may hurt your pocket a little (just imagine the cost of watching a movie or having just a simple dinner, nowadays) but I believe it to be such a worthy investment!

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Anonymous said...

It's important to have time to spend with our spouse; after all, before we were mothers (or fathers), we were wives (or husbands)first. If the children see that their parents' relationship is strong, they will feel more secure and more confident of the world.

My husband and I did not always have this privilege, so focused were we on raising our child with autism. But we've learned that the strength of our family relies much on the strength of our relationship, and thus, have worked on finding time for each other, even in the midst of a hectic week. So kudos to you and your husband. Enjoy your time together and blessings always!