Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T'was the Night I Saw Planet Saturn

I was fortunate to have been invited to the re-launch of Seven Suites Hotel Observatory last Saturday, March 27, 2010, which also marked their 13th anniversary. Upon reading the Noite de Carnival invite sent through my email, I couldn't help but feel excited. I immediately told myself that I had to bring my hubby and my two daughters to this educational, colorful and fun event. It would be our first time to attend a carnival-theme party and experience star-gazing using the hotel's 12" diameter telescope.

It was hard to think of an outfit to wear. I wanted to wear something with a "carnival" touch -- colorful, fun and glittery.

Seven Suites is the only hotel observatory in the Philippines. It practically boasts of having a 12" diameter telescope, not only the 4th largest but the most powerful telescope in the country. An in-house astronomer is on hand to give fascinating facts about the stars and the planets.

After touring and taking pictures of Seven Suites' facilities, we stayed at the hotel's dessert/snack bar, Sugar, where we excitedly waited for the programme to start. What caught my and our two daughters' fancy were the cute and sweet table centerpieces with lots and lots of lollipops in a see-through glass container. Those centerpieces will be my inspiration for my daughters' birthday celebration this June.

My tot couldn't resist these sugary temptations.

Mexican, Spanish and Latin American food abound. I personally like their paella and the green organic salad, which they harvested from their very own organic garden. The live entertainment provided by Ms. Eileen Sison of Guarana and her sexy entourage was nothing short of spectacular. They were feast for the eyes!

Ms. Ellen Sison of Guarana provided the night's live entertainment.

The hot samba dancers. Watching them groove to the beat of samba, bossa nova and other Latin tunes would leave you enthralled.

But what made our night truly spectacular (if I may use the word again) happened at the hotel's observatory. I saw the moon up-close and planet Saturn! I have never seen the moon as close as that. I could literally see the craters. Amazing! And seeing Saturn was surreal!

The spectacular view from Seven Suites' Observatory.

This is truly what sets Seven Suites apart from all the hotels we have been to. After seeing what we saw, my hubby even wanted to buy a telescope and make stargazing as one his many hobbies. He and my eldest suddenly became so fascinated with the heavens and the stars.

Thank you, Seven Suites, for this fantastic experience. Truly, Noite de Carnival was a celebration marked by a night of music, good food and the stars.

Below are some photos of the hotel's facilities:

The Hollywood Steakhouse

The facade of Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Sugar - a dessert bar

The pool side

The courtyard

If you want to find out more about Seven Suites Hotel Observatory, visit their website at http://www.sevensuites.net/

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