Monday, July 26, 2010

What BGC means to my family

Bonding to the max!
It was love at first sight the moment my family and I first set foot on Bonifacio Global City, more particularly Bonifacio High Street. This was in October 2007. Since then, this has become our favorite weekend-bonding place. I especially love the fact that it's not like any other place or any other mall in the metro where you are confined inside a building. Here, you get to breathe some fresh air while doing some shopping on the side.

Whenever we bring our kids along, we never fail to drop by Fully Booked. My daughters are so comfortable and at home here. The kids' section is where my eldest daughter and I get to bond over some "I Spy" books. My tot, on the other hand, would always be busy browsing over her fave Barbie books.

Gustatory delights
We also enjoy dining in their very kid-friendly restos like, TGIFriday's for their mouth-watering burgers, Texas Road House Grill for their melt-in-your mouth Santa Fe Nachos. In Serendra, we used to frequent Portico before it closed down. It was always a treat having breakfast or brunch there of Beef Sirloin Tapa and their Four-cheese Pizza. The kids also love the Carabao Milkshake in Cuillere. It's simply yummy!

Chill-out place
There are plenty of nice spots here where you can have a most-deserved chillax time with your husband while snacking on a slice of cake partnered with your fave coffee concoction. One of our fave coffee-shops here is Seattle's Best. And even if your kids have no thing for coffee, no worries... you can let your kids run around in the wide open area in the middle while you are seated outside Seattle's. Yes, it is a wonderful playground for the young and the young-at-heart.

is definitely our go-to place whenever we want to relax, just chill out and spend some nice weekend afternoon enjoying each others' company.


Chubbymommyme said...

Hi there. Congrats on winning the gc. I always see your name as one of the winners on online contests I join ha ha. You must have a list of winnings posted somewhere in your house lol. Take care

Azrael Coladilla said...

ohh ikaw pala yung winner
saw your blog sa blog ni

nice to meet you kanina sa martas cake

divine_viva said...

Hi chubbymommy!

Thank you for commenting on my blog, hehe. Obviously, I'm not used to seeing comments on my blog :-)

I'm such a contest freak, hehe! Correct ka, I do keep a list of my winnings sa computer sa office. I hope to meet you soon.

divine_viva said...

Hi Azrael!

Sorry for this so late reply...Nice meeting you, too!

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

it's my first time here and I am always happy to see fellow blogger posting about a happy gives inspiration to others that marriage is a bliss, it is not always a bed of roses but if the couple really try hard it equates to a happy family and happy children.

God Bless and nice to be here

divine_viva said...

Thank you, Cielo!