Sunday, March 20, 2011

I say, let's all be Smart moms, okay!


As a wife and mom to 3 girls, I often have my hands so full. Well, I guess it's a universally known fact that when you're a wife and mom, there's no day-off. In my case, I do get some hours-off alone enjoying some peace and quiet. It usually happens when my girls are off to dreamland, and that usually starts no earlier than 11 p.m. every night. I'm used to it, so I have no complaints. In fact, I believe at this point in my life, I have found "my balance". By that I mean, I am enjoying a work-family-life balance. I love going to work and when I'm at work, I look forward to 5:30 p.m. and go home and be with my family.

I have developed a mindset that my real work starts when I'm at home and my corporate job is just my sideline even if work takes much of my time (47% of my waking hours is spent at work). Having that mindset continues to work for me. I also make it a point to "give myself a break" even for just an hour everyday when I'm at the office. I do this during my lunch break -- I get out of our office and take a trip to a bookstore where I browse over some books and magazines. There were times that I just get out of the office just so I could breathe some fresh air and spend some time praying to God while I'm walking. Oh, I love doing prayer walks! It helps me de-stress. Whenever I get back to my cubicle in my workplace, I feel so recharged.

My weekends are spent with my family but I also get to squeeze in some online time like blogging, facebooking, and surfing. Those are my other ways of de-stressing. These online activities can eat up my whole weekend waking hours if I have a slow connection and that's not what I want. I still have a lot of chores to do at home and I still have a family to take care of.

Why on earth am I talking about what keeps a working mom so busy, busy, busy??? Well, because our time is so precious! Any delays in our "deliverables" can spell disaster! I may be exaggerating here but I hope you get the picture. That's why in this day and age, having a fast and reliable internet connection is most important to me or to any working-mom. Yes, having a personal broadband connection is like having a reliable helper. Working moms need all the help that we can get to make our lives easier.

So, now is the best time to subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 because of all the amazing freebies below. This offer may not happen again so let's grab the opportunity now.
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Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

Watch the video below and be prepared to be awed by what SMART BRO can do.

Oh yes!!! This will definitely make our lives easier. Imagine, with a Smart BRO Unlimited Home Broadband, I don't have to wait to get online since my internet connection is always on. I don't even have to wait for hours before I can finish downloading some review materials for my kids' school work/assignment or uploading pictures to my facebook so I can share them with my friends and family abroad. I can also use it whenever I like without paying extra because I am billed on a monthly basis, anyway. Talking about being cost-efficient!

I can holler up a friend while I'm reading a recipe from the internet and compare notes with her. My husband would also love this since just like me, he also likes to know how things are done or how certain recipes are cooked by watching them in You Tube.

I can surf speed! Whoa, I like the sound of that. I don't have to panic anymore every time I have to consult the internet for getting ready information on dengue, chicken pox or if my baby is constipated, etc. I panic easily when I don't get answers fast especially when it involves the health of my children. It's darn annoying when my internet connection suddenly does not connect or hangs. Boy, I want to kick my PC every time that happens.

Upgrading to a broadband connection not only allows us to download faster but more importantly, it lets us experience the internet's true potential. We can listen to our favorite songs, catch up on missed programmes, connect to our office PC from home -- things that we find difficult or impossible with a dial-up connection.

So you see, there are really a lot of benefits of having a personal broadband connection and it shouldn't be just any broadband connection, it should be Smart BRO Unlimited Home Broadband. Again, I repeat -- speed and reliability are what it's all about in this day and age. And Smart offers these with their broadband. We deserve nothing less than Smart.

To moms like me, having a personal broadband connection is like "heaven-sent". So I say, let's all be Smart moms and have a Smart BRO. Smart na, BRO pa.

This is my official entry to the SMART Bro’s Broadbandest Blowout Blogger Contest!
Visit the Nuffnang Philippines contest page to know more about this contest.
Deadline for this contest is on March 21, 2011.


rdnofera - The Freebie/Contest Pirate! said...

yup i agree! it's kind of a hassle if your time is wasted on slow internet connectivity. as our need for using the internet grows, the more we can't afford lags. Smart BRO is a smart choice. :)

hope you could share your thoughts on my blog too...

gracesongbird said...

Best of luck! Hope you could manage to visit my BLOG HERE.
Thank you. ^_^

yodz said...

lovely family you got there!
BTW, goodluck with your entry!