Thursday, February 10, 2011


In just a few minutes I'll be turning 42. I have no qualms in divulging my age because I know I still look like and feel like I'm just turning 22, hahaha! To my eldest daughter, 42 is old. She used to ask me if I will be the first one to die in our family since I'm the oldest, hehehe (I'm older than my husband by 6 months). Well, I would always answer her with a "maybe" and a smile. And then she would ask me to stop talking about it because she doesn't want me to die. Huh?!

Since it is my birthday, I filed a "birthday" leave which our office doesn't have. My bosses were kind enough to allow me to go on vacation so I can celebrate my birthday with my family. I plan to sleep for 10 hours and just be lazy the whole day, probably watch a marathon of DVDs with my hubby and kids while eating pancit malabon, cake and ice cream.

Anyway, the real reason why I'm suddenly blogging about myself and what I plan to do on my birthday is that this blog entry is for a contest that I will submit to Jayvee Fernandez' A Bugged Life. At stake is a Galaxy Tab. Isn't that cool???? Well, I actually don't know what a Galaxy Tab is but I have seen pictures of it on his blog and I would love to have one...for free. You see, I refuse to buy any techie gadget because most of the gadgets I want are worth more than Php5,000 and when it reaches that amount, I consider it beyond my limits. And eversince I won my first gadget, a Sony digital camera, from joining a contest, I told myself that I will complete my gadget needs by winning them and not buying them. Oh, how determined I am.

I started joining contests 4 years ago. My first foray into this addictive world of contests had me submitting pictures of my kids to parenting magazines. I got tokens each time they would be featured in the magazines. Since then, I was hooked.

I win some, I lose some...
I have a database of all the prizes I won since 2007. Believe it or not, the amount of prizes I have received reached half a million already. I consider all my winnings as blessings from God and I am extremely grateful for each and every item I won. I don't discriminate between a pricey prize or not-so-pricey one. May it be a bar of soap, box of toothpaste, one pack of diaper, a hair makeover, restaurant GCs, or a Php50K vacation package -I am sure to relish it.

I joined several contests already that had a netbook, laptop, IPAD, or any similar gadget as its prize but these items seem to elude me. I hope not this time.

Anyway, since this contest I'm joining requires me to talk about something funny, juicy or intriguing and post pictures or video which I have not posted before, here I am posting the following photos I took when I got invited to watch a TV show last year as part of my prize from, again, joining a contest, hahaha!

So, here are the photos:

Can you guess who among our local celebrities own these legs and shoes? Grabe, killer heels talaga!

I hope you have fun guessing and I hope these photos are something new and intriguing enough for Jayvee to make me win the Galaxy Tab.

Anyway, win or lose, it's my birthday and win or lose...I'll still be happy eating my pancit malabon... and cake... and ice cream, which my hubby will buy for me.

Happy birthday to me!

This is my official entry to Jayvee Fernandez' A Bugged Life contest.

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