Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lucky Coins

I do a lot of walking. Really. Every morning from Mondays to Fridays, I walk along the streets of Ayala to reach my office destination. There's not a day in a week that I will not walk from our house to our village gate since tricycles in where I live are hard to come by. I also used to walk almost everyday from our office building in Ayala to Greenbelt area, even reaching SM Makati, during my lunch break. I still do that but not as often as before. Yes, I have grown to have strong legs and I don't tire easily anymore because of this frequent walking. But, this post is neither about walking nor related to the health benefits of frequent walking. This is all about the coins I often see along my way enroute to wherever I'm going. I call them my "lucky coins". It started with just a single coin, of course, and after about 2 years, I see my collection growing. Hahaha! I keep them in a wallet given by an officemate, an LV (Lucky Vivian's, hehe).

Well, I am not at all superstitious but I really don't now why these coins fascinate me and why I have tagged them as "lucky". I'm thinking maybe, I will have these coins buried in the soil during the groundbreaking rites where I will put up my future orphanage. These coins will symbolize the journey I took as I fulfill a dream of building a home for the orphans.

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