Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hotel hopping

Our family loves checking in at hotels. Hotels have become our home away from home. I have lost count of how many times I have stayed in a hotel. You see, even when I was single, I was already fond of spending my paycheck checking in hotels. I would spend special occasions, like my birthday or New Year, in hotels. I remember spending a New Year in a posh hotel in Makati...alone. It would seem pathetic, spending New Year by your lonesome, but it was a very liberating experience for me. I was alone but I was not lonely. I even enjoyed the experience :-) It was, in fact, an adventure.

Now, I always have my hubby and my daughters with me when I check in. God really has a way of blessing us with the things that we desire, actually, much much more than what we truly desire.

These are the hotels we had stayed in last year.

February: Hotel Sofitel (Nisi's birthday )

June: Linden Suites (with my brother's family)

June - Discovery Suites (Noelle's & Nala's birthday)

July - Linden Suites (with my hubby's family)

August - Dusit Thani (hubby's birthday)

Haven't you noticed, wala akong birthday celebration sa hotel? Tsk, tsk. Oh, I know God has something in store for my birthday in the years to come. Who knows, maybe a grand vacation at a posh hotel somewhere in Greece, my dream destination.

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