Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Pagudpud beach.

The first time I've been to this place, I couldn't help but be awed by God's creation. I told myself that only God could make something as beautiful and mesmerizing as the island of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. Its pristine beaches are simple yet spectacular. The place is truly a paradise.

What I love most about Pagudpud beach is the fact that here, you get to really see, experience and appreciate the beauty of nature. I remember a moment during our stay in a resort in Pagudpud, I was sitting on a bench and I felt the serenity of the place. It was as if my soul was one with nature. I loved that feeling! This is what I wrote in my mini notebook about that particular experience where I was lounging on a cozy bench underneath some short coconut trees ---

"I have the most beautiful view of the endless sea -- SPECTACULAR! The sound of waves lapping on the shore combined with chirping of the birds...they are indeed music to my ears. This is life! I'm in a very relaxed and perfect mood just like the sea -- calm and perfect.

Everything here is simple. This is just a reminder that life isn't at all complicated. Thank You, God, for this feeling of serenity and peace. Thank You, God, for this vacation."

Never have I seen such crystal clear blue waters like Pagudpud's. It was stunning.

Never have I seen such breath-taking sunset as when I viewed it along the shores of Pagudpud beach. It was glorious.

The trip to Pagudpud may be long but take my word for it, it is like an oasis at the end of a very, very long ride. The journey to this oasis is already an experience on its own because you get to bond with your family during your exciting road trip while enjoying the many beautiful sights along the way. It’s a long drive but well worth it.

Traveling to Pagudpud gives life to the famous quote that says, “It’s the journey, not the destination that counts.”

We surely enjoyed the destination as much our journey to that destination. The road may be too long but in the end... the journey is the destination.

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