Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Sexy Revolution Starts NOW

A copy of my 7-Day Weight Loss Diet Program
As I write this post, I'm already on Day 2 of this 7-Day Weight Loss Diet Program.  I have been following this diet plan twice a year for the past 6 years.  It has been effective in cleansing my body of toxins and impurities.  

I remember the first time I tried this diet, I wanted to kill somebody on Day 1.  I was irritable and grumpy.  I was craving for real food!  To think that I love fruits.  Towards the night, I felt so weak and my vision was going dim.  But I managed to sleep it off.  

Day 2 was no different.  My cravings even grew stronger but since I was determined to lose some belly fats and stop my sweet-cravings for a while, I persevered.  On Day 3, my cravings were slowly fading. My grumpy mood was also no more.  Days 4-7, likewise, weren't smooth-sailing but nevertheless, I completed the 7-day ritual at first try!  

And just like all endeavors, the first time was always the hardest. Not only was it my first time to undergo a detox diet, it was also the first time ever that I subjected my body to a diet program and a strict one at that.  Kudos to me!

I agreed to it, thinking that I won't really "sweat it out" since I love fruits and vegetables and I have no problem with drinking lots of water, anyway.  But still, I underestimated the diet in terms of difficulty.  But hey, I completed it and I liked the result.  I lost 10 pounds and some inches on my tummy and hips.  But more importantly, I felt so light. Since then, I had decided to do it twice every year.

I have been asked about this diet several times and happily recommended and emailed it to officemates, friends, family and countrymen. I still have the original print-out or copy of this diet, but unfortunately, I cannot remember anymore who gave me the print-out or where I got this diet from. I guess, aside from other issues, Alzheimers is one thing that this diet cannot address.

And speaking of issues, I admit, that this diet is not perfect and I’m not sure if it’s a healthy diet.  Remember, I starved myself for 7 days. Yes, it was effective to me but I don’t know if it’s a healthy way to lose weight. In fact, your weight can easily revert back to your weight prior to dieting if you don’t watch  what you eat and your cravings start again.  I even think that the weight loss is just probably water loss.

I also hate the loose skin on my tummy after completing the detox diet. And yes, my cellulites are still there all over my thighs and hips. They’re very unsightly especially when I wear a bikini.  I can’t even explain the look on my hubby and kids’ face when I wear a two-piece.  Oh yes, I can explain – the look on their face tells me, ”Babe/Mom, please stop embarrassing us.”
You see, my kids are my toughest critics when it comes to my body and form. Yes, they can be very unforgiving. They describe my tummy and thighs as “wavy” (like the waves), in Tagalog “ma-alon”, when I insist that I’m one sexy mom.  I’m that delusional, you see.

Everybody wants a toned body or firm skin. Even a petite working mom like me dreams of having a to-die-for body like that of Georgina Wilson's. I can dream, can't I?  At 43, everything is sagging already.  But I cannot imagine myself going under the knife in order to "un-sag my body".  For one, I’m afraid of knives. Second, I’m afraid of being operated on.  Third and most importantly, I don’t have a budget for that. That's why I’m glad that now, I have the chance to win Sexy Solutions treatments such as:
  • 1 session Lipo Cavitation
  • 3 sessions Multi Firm  (this one I truly need!)
  • 3 sessions Body Sculpt
  • Consultation from Belo Medical Group’s In-Store Consultant and Fitness Expert Edward Mendez.
  • Lipo Diet and Maintenance Diet Plans and a Training System
from Belo Sexy Solutions, which  I believe will address all my body and fear issues (

And oh yes, it’s also nice to have a brand new set of wardrobe from Zara (one of my favorite shops) if I win. A brand new wardrobe for a brand new “sexy” body --- well, that calls for a big celebration!  

Sexy Solutions is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle.  I like that it’s non-invasive, meaning, they don’t have to cut me.  Yehey! 

I also like the fact that Sexy Solutions has in-house consultants that can help me with my nutrition and fitness regimen.  They can surely guide me on how to stay fit and sexy for the rest of my life without starving myself.  They can help me bid goodbye to my flabby tummy....weeee!! So happy!  And yes, have a body like the one of Hot Momma's (see FHM cover below).  Hahaha!

Don't be fooled!  This picture was photoshopped, of course.  I had our company artist do some magical tricks on my tummy, hips, thighs, arms, and cheeks.  I wouldn't dare post on this blog of mine the untouched version. This was taken 5 years ago. I had only two daughters I have 3 :-)              

  How I wish I can have that body and do that pose (see poster above).  Well, who knows? Maybe after my Sexy Solutions (Wink, wink).

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