Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be Body Beautiful with Wacoal

Read on so you'll know why I posted this picture first ...... 

“Mom, why are your boobs sad?” That was what my 5-year old daughter, Noelle, asked me one night after seeing me stepped out of the shower.  At first, I laughed so hard at her curiosity.  Then, I stopped laughing and wondered what she meant by “sad”.  Did I hear it right?  Sad or Sag?  Oh well, it didn't matter, really. I guess, they mean the same thing anyway when referring to breasts.  I was just in denial.

Groping for an answer, I just explained to her that my breasts used to store milk for her and her two sisters when they were still babies. Yes, I used to pump breast milk for the three of them and she remembered seeing me express my milk for her little sister, Nala.

Days passed and I had forgotten about that funny conversation I had with my daughter until one night while we (me and my 3 daughters) were watching a Titanic DVD, the painting scene between Jack and Rose brought it all back ----  

Noelle (5yo): (shocked and in amazement) Mom, why is the girl naked???!! The boy can see her boobs!!!  Eeeeewwww.
Nisi (12yo):  Yeah.... and the boy is painting her??? 
Nala (2yo):  Eeeewww...Eeeewwww…Eeeeewwww.

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it or put malice into it so, I just explained to them casually that the boy, Jack, is a fine artist who has a knack for painting and drawing naked women because of the curves of the body. 

Well, I should have stopped there.  But I didn’t.

Me: Look, the girl is just like mommy. We have the same beautiful body.

Then, immediately I heard words of protest from my girls.  My 2-year old even looked at me, bewildered, as if telling me, “Mama, it’s baaad to lie, right?”

Noelle:  Mom! The girl there is sexy and her boobs are big! Yours are small….and sad.  (Uh-oh, I heard that adjective again.)  
Nisi:  And your tummy and thighs are wavy, just like an ocean.  Look (taps my tummy). See how it moves…it’s like a wave.  (Giggles) 
Nala:  Mama, I’m’re taba.    

My daughters are my worst critics! I wanted to shout “ENOUGH ALREADY!” But, we all ended up laughing. Oh what a night. It was the night when my 5-year old daughter’s observation regarding my body and boobs was validated.    

So there, that’s my shocking body aging story…straight from the mouth of my babies.

A week after my daughters lambasted my body, I went on a 7-day cleansing diet.  While I lost some pounds and a few inches on my tummy and hip area, the loose skin on my tummy is still evident. I’m still flabby. I still have lots of cellulites. I have to accept the fact that my body is, indeed, aging. My body is definitely losing its elasticity and my skin is starting to drop which reminds me of what my daughters said about my boobs – “sad” (huhuhu) and yes, my hubby’s constant comment on my body, “Nanay ka na nga.”  Whatever that means.
I still want to look great and fit into those sexy cocktail dresses (I know my husband will love me more). But at my age (I’m 43) and with all my “flabbiness”, I know it’s not gonna be easy. But, I also know that certain undergarments can help solve my body aging dilemma. I know Wacoal can.   

Wacoal was introduced to me by my sister (who used to obsess over the brand) during the time that I first wore a bra.  I think my first bra was a hand-me-down Wacoal from my sister. I used to buy Wacoal bras when I was still single. But, things changed when I got married and had kids. I've been putting off buying things for myself since then. I know a lot of mommies can relate.    

Just last week, I accompanied my 12-year old daughter to her first “bra-shopping”.  As I was choosing some undergarments for her, I couldn’t help but admire the underwear pieces from Wacoal.  I wanted to buy for myself, especially their high-waist girdle that can help me look like I just had a tummy tuck all of a sudden and can sculpt my body. I wanted to buy their shape pants, body suit, and their very pretty and lacy intimate apparels.  There were so many I like!                  

I love the feeling when I’m wearing, not only perfect-fitting and high-quality, but nice and pretty undergarments. It makes me feel so good inside and that good feeling just comes out, thus making me more confident. Well, it has been a while since I felt that way.   

I know I’m not getting any younger but I know that what I wear inside and outside matters a lot in making me feel young. I took notice of Wacoal's Campaign, which, by the way, is very empowering -- "Be Body Beautiful at Any Age".  It's great to know that Wacoal has intimate apparels which can address any body problem depending on your age.  With Wacoal it’s never an excuse to be flabby and have a “wavy” body with a bulging tummy just because I’m a mommy.               

I have three wonderful girls and I want them to be proud of me. I am conscious of the fact that they look up to me and on my part, I hope I can inspire them to be the best that they can be, in every aspect of their lives. I want them to be confident and positive all the time. And when they see those qualities in me, it is likely that my daughters will have these same qualities.

And, yes, before I even forget...I wanna have "happy" boobs, again :-)     

Above photo taken 2 years ago. I wasn't pregnant here, okay.  

 Above photo taken an hour before I got married. I was 30 years old here. I think I had an OK body then.

What a difference 10 years can make!

To know more about Wacoal's Be Body Beautiful at Any Age Campaign, visit


Ophie said...

I enjoyed resding your entry and I was laughing so hard when I read the part of your boobs being sad coz I certainky can relate to that, being your "ate" and way older than you...I really love the way Wacoal "hugs the boobs" and make it more voluptous...It can really make the body beautiful at any age...No more "sad boobs"!!

divine_viva said...

Thanks Ate Ophie! Yeah, you said it right, Wacoal really has that perfect way of "hugging the boobs". I still have the "lacy" one you gave me...and it still fits my boobies perfectly. Ganun pa din yung size ng boobs ko - 34A, after more than 20 years. Very durable...excellent quality talaga!