Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Energizer and Nuffnang Power My Life

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through their innovative and exciting products and events which enable me to be one indefatigable mother-blogger!    

In terms of having a frenetic schedule (one that is frantic and hectic), nothing can beat that of a working mom's. I belong to this world. My schedule revolves around juggling a career, children, a spouse, family and friends. A tough job, that is. But I am glad that I have learned to perfectly balance work and family.

Having three active kids helps a lot in keeping me on the go. I play with them every moment I get. I love to teach them every chance I have. They are active children and their love for learning and music is enhanced through the toys they play with.  Oh how they love to sing mimicking "Taylor Swift" and "Katy Perry" using their battery-operated microphones. They love to play with their "almost real" kitchen gadgets.  Thanks to Energizer for powering up the things they love. Whenever they ask me to buy batteries for their toys, I always rely on the long-lasting Energizer.  In fact, I keep a stock of Energizer batteries at home, not only for their toys but for a lot of our home gadgets like my husband's ultimate favorite piece of gadget - the remote control.  

On my end, my digicam, which is a gift from hubby and my most used gadget, uses rechargeable Energizer batteries, too. I bring it with me everyday, everywhere I go. It is a prized-possession because it is through my digicam that I can capture memories and moments with my family.  Energizer batteries never disappoint and are very reliable. Because of this, I get to share these photos of just anything under the sun or freeze these memories through my blog.  Nuffnang powers up my blog.  It makes my blog much more alive.  Being a mother-blogger is much more exciting with Nuffnang. I love to attend Nuffnang events and join contests sponsored by Nuffnang.  

So, what's the similarity between Energizer and Nuffnang?  I say, it's the adventurous spirit of those involved in these two brands. They are innovative and exciting.  Oh yeah, they keep us going, going, going ......     

Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries


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