Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Style Statement inspired by The Ramp Crossings

I'm one office mom. I work from 8:30 a.m.until 5:30 p.m. everyday in one of the banks in Makati.  In my position as an executive assistant to the president, it's a requirement to look corporate at all times. However, the usual dark blazer and skirt or monotone colored blazer and pants look can get pretty boring.  Oh yes, I do get bored with my look at times. 

I love bright colors. I love yellows, tangerines and the likes. But I don't want to get overboard or look like a corporate clown when I put together a look in the office (I'll leave that look to those twenty-something yuppies who work for a fashion or advertising companies). I still want to look my age when I dress up. I want to look conservative but not "manang-ish".  I want a look that's a little bit flirty but respectable.  Well, I hope you get what I mean.  I want some contradictions in my style.

So, to achieve that style, I incorporate a bright color to a classic corporate look and combine different cloth textures like the one I did below.  I name this style, "Contradictions."

 HILL (BLACK)Crystal (LEMON)Gia V skirt (BLACK)

The shoes:
Hill- The allure of a stiletto heel can never be denied as this 3 ½ pumps prove. This pair will complement a balloon type dress or skirt.

The jacket and the inner top:
Crystal Lemon Jacket-  The bright yellow color looks preppy, young and vibrant which fits my personality. 
Inner top-  The black inner top complements the happy colored jacket.  The inner blouse is highlighted by the sexy cuts on the neck area.   

The skirt:
Gia V Skirt- Fleur-de-lis, Holiday 2012’s top trend gives the mini skirt a new spin. Made from lace and layered with tulle, this is a great piece that looks a bit conservative and classic yet sexy because of its texture and length.

"Contradictions" fits my personality so perfectly.

This is my style, put together by pieces from THE RAMP CROSSINGS.


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