Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews


My family's latest escapade was a trip up north --- to the enchanting Ilocos Region particularly Vigan. We left the house at 12 midnight with my husband driving.  He drove and drove and drove until we reached Vigan at around 8 a.m.  I kept him company the whole time he was driving which meant I didn't sleep, too.  

Anyway this entry is not about our Vigan tour but what I brought to Vigan which I and my husband enjoyed before retiring to bed for the night -- San Miguel Lifestyle Brews-- San Miguel Malt Beer, San Miguel Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Super Dry. 

I thought it best to pair them with the best of what Vigan has to offer - their Chichacorn or Cornick, and Paoay's soon-to-be famous chips - their sweet potato chips and banana chips.  And I must say, I love 'em pairings!  

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews enhance the simple taste of Ilocos' chicacorn, Paoay's sweet potato chips & banana chips

I'm just an occasional beer drinker.  And our family trip to Vigan was an occasion that we surely celebrated.  During our stay in Vigan, we capped our 2 nights with a drink of San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

San Miguel Premium Malt Beer was just the drink to have after a stressful day and yes, very tiring day, especially for my husband. I like its taste. It tasted good with the BBQ-flavored chichacorn we bought and the sweet potato chips.


Cerveza Negra was a bit sweet. There was almost like a very mild caramel taste to it, which I also like. This, on the other hand, went well with the salty sweet potato chips.


Super Dry, with its slightly bitter and malty taste combined with a bit of sweetness, had no aftertaste at all.  I was happy with it especially when paired with the banana chips and the chichacorn cheese variant.

For somebody who rarely drinks and could only describe beer as bitter, this experience of trying out San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, was a real treat!  I realized that there are far more better words and ways to describe San Miguel Lifestyle Brews' taste than the word "bitter".   

Well, these pairings enchanted me to no end. Thanks to San Miguel Lifestyle Brews for making our Vigan nights more memorable.        
 Drinking experience that's above the ordinary


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