Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh Wow, SM!

I still remember the first time I set foot on SM Store Cubao. It was more popularly known as Shoe Mart at that time and not yet called by its now very famous 2-letter initials. I was no more than 7 years old when I first stepped into that mall that I thought sells only shoes and nothing but. As a young and gullible child, I easily took everything at face value. It was called Shoe Mart so I thought it should be selling just that or else they should call it Shoe Mart and a Lot More Mart (SMLMM). Okay, Shoe Mart is a lot easier on the tongue.

I remember that time when my mom brought me there the first time to buy me a pair of black shoes. I was amazed at the many shoes on the display racks.  It wowed me. I was just as excited as my mom who was also a lover of pretty shoes. This was the place where I bought most, if not all, of my school shoes during my elementary days.  

I do not know the exact date when SM Megamall came into existence. All I know was that everyone was looking forward to its opening. And when it finally opened its doors, I was among those who could not wait to check out what the fuss was all about. I was awed by its size and splendor. It was really SM’s Megamall with a capital “M”.

SM Megamall started a new trend in mall shopping. I believe it is where the word “malling” originated from.  I was a young executive when it became a phenomenon. SM Megamall was in the center of everything. It has become “the” landmark. Everybody converges to Megamall: young, old, rich, poor, celebrities, feeling-celebrities, yuppies, bum.

When my brother with his wife and family from the U.S. came to visit us here after more than 10 long years, we brought them to Megamall and they were awestruck with the place. Never had they been to any shopping mall as big as Megamall. My brother even commented, “We don’t need to bring anything from the U.S. because everything is already here at SM.” And this remark came from someone who had not yet heard SM’s jingle ad. Indeed, SM’s slogan rings so true, “Here at SM, we got it all for you.” Whoever thought about this slogan is a genius.

SM Megamall has been our Sunday habit. After attending our worship service at a nearby church, this is where you could find us.

But whether in Megamall or in any SM Store branch nationwide, Toy Kingdom is my husband’s and our daughters’ first stop.  While me, I am a fan of any SM supermarket where the cut and pre-packed fruits and vegetables first became a hit. Up to this day, I look forward to having my grocery shopping at any SM supermarket.

But one more thing that continues to excite me about SM is that of its department store.  Yes, I definitely love to shop at The SM Store. With its classy, trendy, fashionable and yet affordable selection of clothing wear, you can never go wrong.  The layout of the entire store is even more fantastic. 

It’s a breath of fresh air.  It’s young, vibrant and fun to shop here.  No wonder my daughters as young as they are, enjoy shopping here, too. It is my go-to-place when I am looking for nice outfits not only for me but for my little girls, as well.  And yes, without that hefty price tag.     

SM Sale Events are as exciting as ever.  I have been part of many SM sale events ever since.  When an SM Store holds a sale, there is a promise of big savings.  I have in my possession some of my SM Store fashion finds and I’m just so happy to have them.  I wore them, either separately or all together, in many occasions, events and celebrations.  The SM pieces I have are very versatile.  And because I want to share my SM Dept. Store fashion finds, I make it a point to bring “balikbayan” relatives and friends to any SM mall branch and shop with them. The vast selection and great finds surely make them go wow!  

One SM store that never fails to elicit a wow factor to my balikbayan relatives and friends is SM Mall of Asia.  This has become not only a shopping destination but also a tourist attraction of sorts and a must-visit destination for them, as well. With its grandeur and perfect location, it is the ultimate “pasyalan” and shopping mall by the bay. The first time I stepped on its grounds, all I could say was “Oh, wow!”    

From the very first time that I entered an SM store and up to this day, SM continues to wow me.        

From the school shoes that my mother used to buy for me in SM and now that I have my own kids, it’s still SM shoes that I patronize…for me and my kids.  Only this time, it’s not only their shoes but a lot, lot more.  And that is just WOW!           

And here are some of my fashion finds in The SM Store:   


Don't you just love to shop at The SM Store? Well, I do. 




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