Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Graduates

We have two graduates in the house! We're so proud of our babies.

Nisi in her gala uniform during her graduation day

Nisi graduated elementary while Noelle finished pre-school.

Noelle, proudly showing off her diploma
But wait, we have another reason to celebrate -our youngest, Nala, will start schooling this June. She's been excited eversince she found out (which was a few months back) that she'll soon be attending school. And we're doubly excited for her.

Nala, our excited baby girl who will be attending school this June

We had a graduation lunch celebration for Nisi at Yang Chow along Marcos Highway but I wasn't able to take pictures.  Her wuwu and wuwa gave her a graduation cash gift which she gave to me for safekeeping.

Noelle with her little sister, Nala, during her Moving Up Day

Noelle, on the other hand, just wanted to spend an afternoon with us at Starbucks and have her fave cinnamon roll with butter.


This school year, we have our 3 girls going to school which will cost a lot.  I thought about homeschooling Noelle and Nala before when the prospects of migrating to Malaysia was high until husband came home.  Well, I'm still open to homeschooling our 2 little girls.  But that would entail that I stay at home and quit my job.  If homeschooling is in His plan for me, then I know He'll let me know and prepare for it, soon.

Right now, I am just as happy with what our children have achieved and learned. A big thanks to their Assumption Antipolo education, for bringing out the best in them and their preschool, Integrated School for Young Children (ISYC), for preparing them for the challenges and demands of big school.  Still a long way to go for the 3 of them (and also for us, parents), but only with God's goodness and grace can we achieve what God intends for us to achieve.  

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