Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cadbury Sweet Endings & My #TeamFrenchVanilla Barkada

"Is your barkada #TeamFrenchVanilla or #TeamChocolateMousse? And why?"

First of all, my barkada when it comes to having a sweet-ending day, consists of not my girlfriends or my officemates, but my two sophisticated daughters who ascribe to the ideology of Parisian chic fashion.  I see this sense of delight on their faces when I tag them along for frappucinos and pastries to any place that has that French vibe to it.  And there we enjoy our tete-a-tete.

While we have not been to Paris yet, we do get to enjoy and relish a lot of things French here -- lattes, frappucinos, croissants (our favorite), crepes, baguettes, pain au chocolats, creme brulee, their wine and chocolates.  Oh, my kids love Madeline and her accent, too.  And did I ever mention that their names are French-inspired?? -- Nina Simone, Noelle Andriana, Nala Margarithe.

So you see, it's pretty obvious that our barkada is Cadbury #TeamFrenchVanilla.  Not that we don't like #TeamChocolateMousse, but I will always prefer French Vanilla anytime over everything else.  If this were my husband's blog, he would be Cadbury TeamChocolateMousse.  But this is my blog, period.
My #TeamFrenchVanilla Barkada

I have always loved vanilla. I love the irony of its taste -- simple yet sophisticated, basic yet exquisite. I love the pure, unadulterated taste of it. For chocolates, I have always been a Cadbury baby. No kidding! That's why Cadbury's new flavor -- French Vanilla is just perfect for me. It's the perfect thing to take during my downtime, may it be alone or with my two young barkadas, or with my entire family or friends. It's a perfect thing to take if you want to cap your day with a smile on your face. Who doesn't want to have their very own sweet ending???  I sure would love to have it every single day.
3D_FrenchVanilla 180g_hires

That's it! Merci.

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