Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's an octopus mom? #KITKATBreakMovement Movie Screening

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The octopus mom. That's the first thing that came to mind as I picked that skill which I would like to unlock from the following skills from the #KITKATBreakMovement& Nuffnang's Blogger Contest question:

a.  Type faster and flawlessly.
b.  Never forget any detail.
c.  Create awesome presentation decks.
d.  Multitask at any given time.

You bet!  I would love to multitask at any given time...with so much ease, of course. While it's a common belief that a woman's brain is wired for multitasking and women does it a lot better than men, this ability is still what I would love to perfect.  This is a talent of a lot of moms and I'm a mom.

Being able to multitask is one way to maximize one's productivity, may that be in the workplace, at home, in school, or just anywhere because in reality, each of us has to handle several responsibilities simultaneously, right? And if we cannot be like that octopus in cartoons, then life is such a bore.  

Just imagine if we can do so many things simultaneously with poise and grace and being focused on each one at the same time -- wow, what an irony! We're like superheroes!
Mom juggling many things at once and mastering it all! =) 

I used to be the executive assistant of our company president. Being in that position required me to do a lot of multitasking  -- like answering the phone while receiving incoming mails while responding to emails while generating a report and while editing a form simultaneously. Which made me also think that maybe being able to multitask while pretending to be so cool about it spells efficiency.  LOL!

Moms, as I've said, are not new to this. I believe, it's an inborn talent. I remember there was this instance when I and our 3 daughters went for a trip to Singapore enroute to Malaysia and I even blogged about our plane ride which I entitled "A Changi-ng Ina Mo Story at the Changi Airport" (taken from the movie "Tanging Ina Mo". Well, those "5 minutes" before embarking the plane had me do some incredible multitasking.

Multitasking cartoon woman

So you see, letter d above is a great skill to master. To illustrate further, right now that as I'm writing this entry, I'm also drying my hair, tutoring my youngest, appreciating my middle child's work of art, eating donut, listening to the jokes of Vice Ganda, reading today's news about Bong Revilla, listing down our week's menu, thinking about what else to add to this entry (it's nice to multi-think, too), talking to my husband about our plans for tomorrow because it's my daughter's birthday.  I even managed to squeeze in between my finishing this entry to bathe our daughters, brushed my teeth and prepare a bottle of milk. Yeah! All of these I've accomplished....while my husband is busy...watching TV.  Hehehe!  That's to emphasize once more, the value of mutltitasking.

And now, it's time to take a break.

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