Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Shoe Stories

This is the rack where I store some of my shoes.

I have less than 20 pairs of shoes…and that’s including slippers or flipflops. I think I’m one of those rare breed of women who can live with just a few pairs and still be happy about it. As long as I have a pair of black medium heeled shoes and black pumps and a brown shaded medium heeled shoes, I am good to go to work every single day.

My mom had a collection of pretty shoes when she was still in her prime. She was a shoe lover and so are my female friends and female colleagues at work. Well, I also love shoes but I don’t obsess with them like most women do. And because I just have a few pairs, I get to use each one of them for a very, very long time. I do get sentimental when I have to part with my shoes due to wear and tear. It’s like, “We’ve been through a lot together, in good times and stormy weather, but now I have to let you go,” – that’s exactly my drama.

I have had a few funny and silly shoes stories based on personal experiences. There was a time when I was a yuppie, I came to office wearing a mismatched pair of pumps. Good thing, both shoes were black but the heel height and design were different from each other. To think that I commuted to work (rode a tricycle and bus) from our house in Quezon City to Makati. I just noticed the blunder I made when I was already having lunch and my colleagues asked me if I did it on purpose, just to make a fashion statement. I survived that day pretending that I was, indeed, starting a trend.

Another fiasco happened about 6 months ago. I had this most-treasured white pair of sandals that had been with me since 2004. One afternoon as I was dressing up for our usual Sunday bonding “pasyal” with our kids, I already noticed that there was a deep crack on the sole of the LEFT pair. My husband even told me to “retire” those sandals already but I refused. I love those shoes and in my mind, that day might be the last time that I would wear them. Well, it turned out that I was right.

That Sunday, we went to our favorite bookstore. While walking on a carpeted floor, I thought there was something wrong with the flooring or the carpet, like it was not even. When we got outside the bookstore, my daughter noticed that the RIGHT sole (on the heel part) of my shoes was missing. So, that was the reason I felt the carpet was not even. My face almost turned red when I saw that half of my right shoe’s sole was gone. Funny but it was the sole of my LEFT pair that was “dying” in the beginning. My daughter and I had a good laugh after seeing the mini trail of sole fragments left by my broken sandals.

This is the box of my favorite white sandals.
I still keep the box for sentimental reasons.

When we got home, I felt nostalgic and wanted to bury my favorite white flat shoes in our garden. But my husband told me that I was over-reacting. Oh well, I got over it, but hey, it wasn’t easy.

The latest booboo I had involving another pair of sandals happened just 3 weeks ago during my toddler’s presentation in school. I was prepping her up for her dance number when I felt the thong of my right sandal snapped off. Good thing I was keeping a pair of black high-heeled shoes in our car. When presentation came, I stood tall, wearing high-heels, cheering my tot as she danced to Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Yeah!

Before and after the presentation.
(See the different pairs of shoes I was wearing)

This is my official entry to Nuffnang's The Red Shoes Story Contest

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