Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real Leaf Paparazzi

My family is a heavy Real Leaf Green Tea drinker,
from my husband to my 3-year old toddler!

Whenever we do our grocery shopping,
it's one of the must-buy items in my list.

See the proof below.

We make it a point to buy, not just one, but at least two bottles. It's always safe to have a ready spare.

Let's do a close up, shall we?..... See, it's the real thing, Real Leaf Green Tea Drink. In a few minutes, we're going to open the first bottle since it's nearing dinner time.

I could smell the baked fish that goes so well with a glass of ice-cold Real Leaf Green Tea Honey Lychee flavor.

There's the baked fish in the background.

It's time for dinner!

Each of us has our own signature plates. Our eldest daughter has her own plate we got for free (courtesy of a chips brand). Our toddler has her favorite Winnie d' Pooh bowl while I have my green ceramic round plate. It's actually my hubby's, but I get to use it also when he's not around.

But we have one thing in common -- that one transparent glass with Real Leaf Green Tea drink on the rocks. Oh yeah, we all share one glass and one drink.

Come TV-viewing time (just a few hours after dinner), my hubby reached for the second bottle of Real Leaf Green Tea Honey Lychee (see, I told you, it's always good to have a spare).

He, together with my eldest and my toddler, enjoyed it to the max while watching their favorite show on TV and munching on their favorite chips. It's a very healthy alternative to softdrinks. It tastes so natural and it's good for the mind and body.

Obviously, Real Leaf Green Tea is their favorite (sort-of-a) midnight snack drink.

Goodnight, y' all!

The next day......

A visitor of my toddler came to our house with a bottle of Real Leaf Green Tea Honey Apple, which he gave to her.

Though a bit heavy for her, my tot accepted the gift without any hesitation.

She was too happy to have her own bottle of Real Leaf Green Tea that she gave it a kiss. She couldn't wait to have a drink of this refreshing tea drink.

When, she finally took it home, she asked her mom (that's me) to open it for her. She got her favorite plastic cup and savored that refreshing taste.

Oh, how she loved it!

~ The End ~

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