Sunday, March 3, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I've always put a premium on spending quality time with my family.  But, I also believe that for me to be a happy mom and give my best to my family, it's imperative that I spend as much quality time with myself.  I'm happy to have a house that is so much a home. Our humble abode is not only our happy place but a place of comfort.  It's a place where we can just kick back and relax, be at ease and be ourselves with no one judging us.
A working mom like me whose more than 50% of its "24 hours" is spent mostly away from home longs to spend the remaining hours of the day at home -- chilling, relaxing or spending a quiet time may it be alone or with the family.

Spending some sweet quiet time with myself

   or some weekend quiet time with my daughters

Just like many busy moms, I look forward to weekends.  I look forward to weekends when I can just savor some idle time or when I can just be lazy or have the privilege to be one.  Oh those days or weekends come pretty rare nowadays but when I do get that time, I savor every minute of it.  Yes, I love it when all the noise is turned off.

I realize that because of our own "busyness" and preoccupation with a lot on non-essential things, we are afraid to slow down and just stop whatever we're doing. We are so used to the noise around us that even if there are opportunities to just be quiet, stay still and do nothing, we refuse to see or grab these opportunities because we feel uncomfortable.  We are just not used to the "hush".

Spending quiet and relaxing weekends at home have done wonders to me. It recharges me; it prepares me for the coming 5-day work week ahead of me; it allows me to quiet my mind and my soul; it enables me to reflect on the most important things in life; it makes me appreciate life more and all that God has blessed me and my family with.  It's empowering because it is during these times that I get to listen to what God is telling me.

When I am empowered, I am at my best and able to give my best at home. I am stress-and-worry-free because of the needed "hush" I savor and experience during the weekends. And who doesn't like to live a worry-free life, right?  If I am happy, my husband is happy and our kids are happy.  It makes for a happier home. It makes for wonderful memories at home. That's the best thing I get when I allow myself to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend at home.

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