Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coffee trips with my girls

There's something about coffee shops that makes it so enticing and inviting. Yes, even to someone who's not really a heavy coffee-drinker, like me. I dunno, maybe it's the smell of roasted coffee or the ambiance or maybe the relaxing seats. I think I kinda influenced my daughters to love making "tambay" in coffee shops and just chill out. I actually look forward to having coffee and non-caffeine drinks with my daughters. We often do this when my hubby has some things to do or buy inside a mall that does not necessarily need my approval. Instead of window-shopping, I and my daughters will just head to a coffee shop and wait for my hubby there.

Here are some photos of our trips to our favorite coffee shops. Most of our Starbucks trips were courtesy of HSBC's Starbucks promo that ended last September 31. I still have 3 transaction receipts waiting to be redeemed. Maybe next week, when I no longer look like an avatar (see previous post)... or maybe, who knows, even if I look like one.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in SM Megamall
(while hubby was having a hair cut)

Starbucks Legaspi Vill.
(after Noelle's VTR and while hubby was having an O.T.)

Starbucks Megamall Strip A
(while waiting for the heavy rain to stop; we couldn't go to our car since it was parked at the open parking lot)

One Saturday afternoon at Starbucks Glorietta

Starbucks in Megamall Mega Atrium
(while waiting for hubby who was doing some shopping)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Megamall
(waiting for hubby who was having a hair cut and after that, went shopping for a printer)

I would always buy a milk-based frap drink for my tot and one coffee or chocolate frap drink for my tweener. While me, I'm happy just taking a sip of whatever they're having, but I always make sure I have my slice of cake or any kind of pastry.

Well, I usually end up spending so much even if the drinks are free (like the HSBC promo or using coupons), but you know, it's worth it -- to be with my daughters and enjoying their company.

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Anonymous said...

your mom looks like that iu-miu

((goat goes to the mountain . . . ?used to have stright horns - spirit "eyes" . . . ??reaches up the eagle ------- ?why the goat goes to the hill ? eats grass coz that's new-reborn sis , ? mountain father or granpa , ? goat father or "me" , ? eagle "grandpa" - eats grass-sis to stay alive to not become a granpa (stone,rock,crhystal-sis-mind-brain) , goes to mountain to merge the grandpa-spirit-freedom . . . old stories))