Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coke is still it!

I have a funny story to tell you, yes a funny, true-to-life story that has been passed on for generations, well, at least in our family. The story is this -- One afternoon, a certain homemaker who loves to bake cookies and other sweet treats asked her maid to get a COOKIE SHEET from their cabinet. Upon returning to the kitchen, the maid proudly handed to her "amo" a bottle of Coke. Surprised and puzzled, the "amo" asked her trusted maid why she was giving her a bottle of Coke, to which the maid answered, "Mam, diba sabi ninyo dalhin ko sa inyo 'yung kukisit??? Eto po."

Coke is it!
Remember the commercial?
Oh well, I remember laughing out loud every time I would hear that story. Until now, that story never fails to elicit laughter from my audience (may it be one or many) every time I would narrate that.

For us who grew up with Coke, this drink has become so much a part of our daily lives. It's not just a global brand or a product but it's now like a part of our family, something very close to home.

I'm a certified witness to how Coke evolved during the years. The look and feel of its packaging may have gone through several transformations but one thing remains the same- that Coke spirit! Yes, nothing comes close to its taste which is almost addicting and seriously satisfying.

If only cameras and blogging were already this popular way back in the 70's or 80's or even 90's, my family would certainly have lots of pictures with Coke in them.

In all our family celebrations, occasions, gatherings and outings, Coke is the one thing that surely has a place on the table. It's almost impossible not to have Coke during special occasions, right? But what about during everyday meal time? In our home, you could almost always see at least one bottle of Coke tucked somewhere inside our ref. Oh yeah, Coke is still it!

It's a fact that our small family of five (consisting of “tatay, nanay -that’s me, ate, smaller ate and bunso”) loves to eat. It is during mealtimes when we would sit down around our small dining table, more like a coffee table nook, at our kitchen. That table could not even fit four normal-size round plates. But you see, although we have a six-seater dining table in our dining room, we enjoy taking our family meals in that cramp table of ours. We really don’t mind bumping our chairs and yes, even each others' knees when sharing our meals there. The “crampness”, we believe, creates a more intimate setting for us.

When it comes to everyday kainan happiness, my hubby and l look forward to going home from work and have dinner with our daughters. Weekends are most special. We all sit down together (around that cramp table of ours) and enjoy having our usual Saturday lunch meal time at the comforts of our home. Our usual Saturday lunch fare consists of what my hubby and my kids love to eat. It can be a combination of: inihaw na liempo (just massaged with a little rock salt) and pakbet or vigan longganisa and chopsuey or lechon kawali (turboed) and ginisang repolyo. For our dessert, we would usually have fresh fruits such as mangoes or melon (whatever fruits are in season). Not to be missed is the 1.5 liter of Coca-Cola poured over some ice cubes into a clear glass for me and my hubby and plastic tumblers for my daughters. It’s like a mini picnic on our table. The refreshing Coke definitely completes our meal and never fails to make every meal in our household much more enjoyable. Not to mention, it gives us all a satisfying “burp”. :-) Oh, we just love that feeling!

Our Everyday Kainan Happiness with Coca-Cola

one weekend dinner time:

one weekend lunch time:

one weekday dinner time:

all alone one weekday dinner time:
(ordered take-out from a nearby Chinese resto)


When it comes to family get-togethers and outings, there's again that oh-so familiar bottle with that oh-so familiar red and white logo with that oh-so familiar lettering on sight. Paired with whatever food is available - healthy, junk, considered junk, considered healthy, Coke is sure to be its best partner.

family outing dinner time, one long weekend:

So, you see, any day of the week, anytime of the day, rain or shine, Coke is still it and is always sure to be a hit! Rhyming pa, diba?

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