Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The days I looked like Neytiri

Since I'm on sick leave for 1 week due to a swollen forehead and kinda deformed face that made me look like the blue girl in Avatar, I've decided to make my time productive.

I've been stricken with a viral nerve infection called Shingles (aka Herpes Zoster). It is the same virus that causes chicken pox. I've heard about shingles when we were just planning to build a house. It was what I wanted for a roof ('yung zigzag na bubong sa bahay). It was only 3 days ago when I learned that it's also a kind of skin infection. I've researched about this and I'm amazed at how much information I got from the internet. My condition can get really ugly like I could suffer from loss of vision or it could paralyze the nerves on my face or affect my brain. Oh my, I jokingly told my eldest about it in between my telling her how expensive my medicines are. Our conversation went something like this:

Nisi: Oh no, mom, please stop saying that!!!"
Me: Why? It could happen.
Nisi: No, no! I don't want you to go blind!
Me: Oh, and why is that???
Nisi: Because when you get blind.... then, you will not see me when I'm already a teenager.

Me: Even if I don't have eyes, I can still see you. I will touch your face and then I can see you with my hands.
Nisi: No, mom, don't say that! What would you choose, drink your medicines or go blind????!

I find it so cute of her to be paranoid like that.

Me: That's why you should always pray. Pray for me and ask God to heal me.
Nisi: I pray for you...quietly...before I go to sleep.
Me: Really?? Owws?...if you don't pray for me, I might just go crazy.
Nisi: What do you mean crazy? As in crazy-crazy? Like you're head will burst?!
Me: Okay, I'm just joking. I WILL drink my medicines.

Geez, kids nowadays easily over-react... I don't know. But, I love my daughters just the same. I know God will bring my face back to its original form. Right now, both my cheeks are swollen naman. Looking at myself in front of a mirror, I kinda find my face amusing, though. I really look like Neytiri, the sexy blue avatar girl.

I took a picture of myself and I hate to admit it, but Neytiri is far more beautiful than me. Hahaha!

I find it so amazing how a disease or infection can alter one's look, in a matter of days, minutes, or even seconds. Early yesterday morning, I talked to God and told Him that I have no problem with the scars that will be left on my face because all these makeup can easily hide all those ugly scars. What I asked from Him was to remove the stabs of agonizing pain I could feel on my face and head. That afternoon, after a visit to a specialist and taking my first dosage of medications, I felt better and quite relieved. Thank You, my God!

But then, when I looked into the mirror, I saw an avatar. Hahaha! Funny.

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