Sunday, October 10, 2010

What 10-10-10 taught me

Hello, is someone out there reading this?

They say 10-10-10 is a lucky day. I don't believe in numerology or feng shui or anything like that. I didn't even realize that it was suppose to be a "big deal of a day" until today, 10-11-10. Oh well, I really didn't want to write about yesterday because of the unpleasant things that happened. But, I'll write about it, anyway, without the details but more on the lessons I learned.

My hubby and I had a terrible fight yesterday inside our car with all our kids and yaya, on our way to Sunday worship. I totally blew my top and wanted to get out of the car. Well, I almost did. I already unlocked and opened the door, about to jump out of the car when my husband pulled me back. I heard my kids crying already and my eldest saying, "Mama, please don't!" I cried, too. I didn't wanna go to worship anymore...but I also wanted to go. Confused much? Yes. But, God still prevailed and I guess, whispered something both to us.

After a quiet break from what just transpired, still on our way to worship service, we were stopped by a policeman/traffic control officer and told us that we violated a law. I thought to myself how amazing that the traffic officer knew about what happened inside our car, that we were fighting. Duh? The traffic officer was actually talking about a traffic violation we committed, which was, "Cars in the inner lane must turn left." My husband and I both didn't notice the sign. This incident made my husband sigh in disbelief and remarked something like, "Malas naman talaga itong araw na ito."

Anyway, before the worship my husband made peace with me and said a sincere sorry. I was still hurt and told him that I wasn't yet okay. But, still we sat beside each other in the worship service hall, sang the worship songs and listened intently to the message. Our kids were happy seeing us together, of course. We even went to a baptism party afterwards and by then, I think I was already okay with my hurt.

When we got home, I hugged my husband and told him I was sorry, too, in front of our two daughters. He also said sorry to our daughters for making them feel what they felt when we were fighting.

You know, prior to my outburst yesterday, I couldn't remember the last time my husband and I fought. I swear it had been a long time since we had a misunderstanding. Maybe more than 6 months or 7 or 8 months. I really couldn't remember anymore.

What is funny is that we had a really fun time the day before yesterday, Saturday. Just us and the kids with no yaya in tow, we went to Bonifacio High Street and spent some good 1 hour playing with our kids at Gymboree; went to Fullybooked where the kids had fun reading at the kids' section; had dinner at our kids' favorite restaurant, TGIFriday's; had dessert at Krispy Kreme; and strolled around the park. It was a whole day of fun and bonding moment. And then, Sunday came and it was a different story altogether.

A great lesson I learned is this - Whether we like it or not and realize it or not, our children will always be greatly affected by what we say or do. That night, our 4-year old daughter narrated to us that unpleasant incident in detail, what she saw and heard when my husband and I were fighting. It made me realize how good a story-teller she is. But most importantly, it made me realize the impact of my actions.

What happened yesterday made me and my husband realize our mistakes and forgive and forget the hurt we caused each other and our children. I thank God for directing us to where we were supposed to be yesterday, with Him, despite our hurt.

Well, 10-10-10 turned out to be a "big deal of a day," after all.

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