Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's for lunch?

There are days that I bring "baon" to work. It saves me money and I know it's healthier because they are home-cooked meals. But there are days that I do not know what to have for lunch. I bet you have those days, too. And when I'm experiencing those days, I often settle for just a drink and a piece of something like, bread or pastry or cookie or cake or donut or whatever. I call them my lethal combination because I'm quite certain my combo meals ain't healthy, except for some, maybe. Here, I've taken photos of them.

Starbucks green tea frap & butter croissant
CBTL's roast chicken & mushroom fusili pasta & iced tea
Wendy's side salad & KK's orange you glad
Seattle's Best ham & cheese croissant & mocha cupcake javakula
KK's mango cake & a Starbucks frapMachiavelli chocolate & Starbucks' raspberry drink
An empanada from a Marikina vendor & a Starbucks' frap
Seattle's best banana cake & a frapSeattle's Best ham & cheese croissant & ice-blended coffee
CBTL's lasagna & iced-tea
Salad Days' Caesar Salad & Delirance's Chicken Bourbon (sampler size)

Most, if not all, of those Starbucks drinks were courtesy of HSBC's promo. Those CBTL's meals, on the other hand, were mostly discount or meal combination coupons from my Belle De Jouer planner. While, the Seattle's Best meals were 10% discounted because I'm a VIP card holder. Yes, I'm such a "mom"! I love bargains and I use all those discount coupons you can find anywhere. Too bad, HSBC's Starbucks On Us promo ended already. I hope they bring it back soon.

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