Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pan De Amerikana - A Gem in Marikina


Visiting Pan De Amerikana along Ordonez St. in Marikina is the closest I could get to Holland.  This is a gem of a place.  Who would have thought that this place specializes in baking pandesal?


I am really out of words to describe this charming place. It's something out of the ordinary. What we see outside -- the WINDMILL -- is just its first attraction. Once inside, you will find a lot of interesting and fascinating things, making a camera an essential item to bring if you plan to visit. It is like a museum set in a rural area -- I'm thinking, Vigan. 


Art lovers, antique collectors, artists, curious people, people who are fascinated with unusual stuff, Ariel of Little Mermaid (who likes to collect almost everything) will have a delightful experience here while eating pandesal.


There's a hammock, a gigantic chess board, a koi pond, a calesa, a rope bridge, collection of colored bottles, and a lot lot more. There's also an area where you will see ruins and collonades.

Their menu is quite extensive and not limited to Pinoy favorites.  They even serve T-Bone Steak and Caesar Salad! But they were not what we ordered.  All dishes are affordably priced. Yes, you're Php200 will go a long way here.


For less than Php500, we already had four viands, rice, drinks. The sisig was the most expensive dish we ordered.  Waiting for your orders is never a problem because there are so many things to see around you, in a way, keeping you entertained and your eyes busy.

Liempo, Laing, Lumpia & Sisig

Before leaving, we took home a paper bag of their hot wheat pandesal, which we ate on our way home. I forgot to take a picture of them. 

We went home satisfied and had a smile on our faces. It was a just a trip nearby but the experience of dining here took us far away.


Every foodie should have Pan de Amerikana in Marikina as part of their must-visit resto. It's a real treasure trove and you won't regret it.

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